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Make a private channel

Step 1

1. Stakeholder questions + requirements
Make sure you work with the stakeholder on collecting everything you may need for this project. Fore more details on questions, click here.

Step 2

2. Establish due dates with project manager
Make sure you understand what the due date is for the final design deliverable, in addition to creating a deadline for the first draft feedback.
3. Competitive + inspiration research**
Before beginning on designs make sure you spend time researching ideas while following the design system guidelines. View guidelines here.
Private channel request Main
Name of Slack channel to be added or converted to a private channel (include special characters; no spaces)
Your / Requester Name
Email Address
Your / Requester ASUrite ID
What, workspace(s), is, this, channel, is, currently, found, in?, (EdPlus,, ASU, Online, Campus,, other).
I, understand, that, a, private, channel, cannot, be, converted, to, a, public, channel, at, a, later, time.
Justification for private instead of public channel.
Other information (e.g. do I need to create this channel bc it doesn't yet exist?)

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