Event Planning Checklist for Any Online Event [+Template]

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Virtual Event Brief

You virtual event's main brief to keep all event support staff, management, and stakeholders on the same page.


@Alan Chowansky
@Buck Dubois
@Lola Tseudonym

Event purpose

Get our community to meet each other virtually.

Event goals

Provide updates to the community on new features
Showcase how some others in the community are using the platform
Get feedback on product roadmap

Content plan

Develop script for welcome from host
Pre-record a few segments as transitions between speakers
Survey asks for feedback on overall event

General schedule of activities

Promote event to existing community and speakers’ communities
Do social media during the event to engage wider audience
Send post-event video to all registered people even if they didn’t attend

Technology needs

Video platform needs the ability to allow chat.

Post-event debrief

What went well
Lot of registered attendees!
Speakers were engaging
What didn’t go well
Chat functionality hard to use
Technical difficulties with some speakers

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