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U.S. Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Updates


tl;dr: I'm not an epidemiologist or journalist and pulling data from publicly available 3rd-party sources and creating visualizations to better understand the COVID-19 coronavirus.
This published Coda doc is a free and informational tool for all those who are working to understand and combat COVID-19. This dashboard is intended for informational purposes only and relies entirely on data provided by various third-party data sources including the The COVID Tracking Project, Department of Health for various U.S. states, and more. This dashboard is not for commercial use and is intended and should be used to provide background and context on the evolving COVID-19 situation. Coda disclaims any and all representations and warranties with respect to the dashboard, including accuracy, fitness for use and merchantability. This disclosure was adapted from .
Change Log
Log of changes, edits, and corrections being made to this resource. If you have any ideas, edits, or suggestions, email
May 18, 2020
NYC stopped reporting deaths by underlying conditions by borough
April 14, 2020
Added new confirmed cases, hospitalizations, and deaths to and new confirmed cases by county in
April 13, 2020
Deaths by NYC borough not included in NYC Health's daily reporting, only high-level number
April 10, 2020
Added logarithmic charts to and
April 5, 2020
Added NYC borough level data to
April 4, 2020
County-level data will only be for New York State due to data size issues ()
For all U.S. county-data, see
March 29, 2020
Updated all charts on to match the charts from the country-level
Added a county table to look up individual counties by state in
Analyzing a new made available from the New York Times a few days ago looking at all county-level data going back to end of January to incorporate into
March 22, 2020
Created this state-level doc. Country-level data on
For data prior to March 4th, using Johns Hopkins University Data
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