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SEO Tool Overload by Nils De Moor

A template to summarize your Google Search Console data into won/lost and new/dropped keywords and pages inspired by Nils De Moor.
Nils do Moor posted a Google Sheets template on Twitter that analyzes your Google Search Console data and outputs some nifty tables. These tables tell you which keywords have gained or lost clicks and traffic in the last 30 days or whatever time comparison you are doing. Video tutorial of template below:
I was inspired by his template to build something similar in Coda since Google Search Console data is pretty raw and unfiltered. This template outputs your GSC data in a similar way as Nils’ Google Sheet with a few extra features. See Nils’ original Tweet with the Google Sheet template below:

How to use the template

In GSC, export to CSV a report that compares the last 28 days, last 3 months, last 6 months to the previous period.
Copy the rows in the Queries.csv file (excluding the header row) and paste them into the table in the page (make sure to delete the dummy data).
Do the same thing for the Pages.csv file and paste the data into the table.
Start by copying/pasting your GSC data into: and

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