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Real Estate Property Management

Real estate property management tool for property managers. Easily create income/expense statements for owners and landlords.
Real estate property management tools can be expensive and not easy to customize. If you are managing multiple properties and leases on behalf of landlords and owners, this template is for you. No more worrying about copying and pasting data into Excel and printing to PDF, this tool updates the monthly statements you send to your owners based on simple dropdown selections. With this real estate property management tool, you have one single source of truth to manage data for your properties, leases, clients (landlords), and monthly payments. Some features of this template include:
Print-to-PDF income and expense statement that updates automatically
See rent collected, management expenses, and landlord expenses by property
View your management company’s profitability based on fees collected by time and property


1️⃣ Fill in relevant data in the , , , and sections.
2️⃣ Every month, select the time period and property on the section you would like to create a statement for your client (landlord).
3️⃣ Print to PDF on the section. View your management company's profitability on the section.

What's in this doc?

View rent paid and expenses for a property by month
Income/expense statement you can print to PDF to send to your client (landlord)
Your management company's profitability
Running log of all rent collected, management & landlord expenses, and other income
Properties you manage
Details about leases for each property
Details about the clients (landlords)
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