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Product roadmap and prioritization to replace Productboard + AI

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Product roadmap and prioritization to replace Productboard + AI

Replace Productboard for product roadmap and feature prioritization with this Coda template + AI

🔎 Stop paying for Productboard. Switch to Coda to do more, for less.

Coda is a versatile and powerful tool that offers a wider range of features than Productboard. While Productboard is designed specifically for product management tasks, Coda can be customized to fit the unique needs of any team or project. With Coda, users can create interactive tables, custom templates, and automations to streamline workflows and improve productivity. Additionally, Coda allows for real-time collaboration and integrates with a variety of other tools, making it a comprehensive solution for all your product management needs. Overall, Coda offers more flexibility and functionality than Productboard, making it the ideal choice for teams looking to optimize their product management processes.

View product features your way.

Add new columns and properties to your features and view your product features as a kanban, timeline, a grouped table, and more.

Get more done with Coda’s building blocks.

For additional features like a customer feedback repository in Productboard, you have to pay extra. This feature is built right into this template with no extra costs.

Extend Coda beyond feature prioritization.

Coda gives you the power of a spreadsheet and the flexibility of a doc. Formulas, automations, and buttons allow you to use Coda for writeups, 1:1s, and more.

Everything Productboard can do. And more.

Single-use, specialized tools like Productboard create data silos and drain your budget. Coda goes beyond single-use applications, allowing teams to create custom, interconnected workflows and automate tasks without needing to switch between multiple tools.

Live polling, Q&A

Holding an all-hands and want to quickly get everyone to upvote their favorite questions or topics? This live-polling template is for you.

Visualize Jira issues in a table

If your development team is using Jira to track issues and bugs, use the Jira integration to view your Jira data in a structured table + integrate with your OKRs.

Use AI to summarize meetings notes

Take meeting notes in Coda and use the Coda AI assistant to help summarize and create action items from your notes.

When to use Coda instead of Productboard.

Use Coda anywhere you would use Productboard. And then some. In addition to these scenarios, you can use Coda for meeting notes, to track action items, and send follow ups.

Remote, hybrid meetings

Everyone can stay up to date on what’s being discussed during the meeting and make changes in real- time.

All-hands, presentations

Create visualizations of your product features and view your roadmap any way you like. No more summarizing your Productboard data and putting it into a slide deck.

Unite your silos of data

With Coda’s integrations (Packs), you can view your Jira, GitHub, Figma, and other 3rd party data directly in Coda in a structured table. Unite your roadmap with your OKRs, bug tracker, and more.

💰 See how much you can save.

At Coda, viewers and editors are always free, meaning Coda can scale as your team grows.




At $36/maker per month
+ for unlimited scenarios.



At $
/seat per month
- for one scenario.

Get started.

1. Go to

This page shows how you can start to replace Productboard with a customer feedback repository in Coda. Contact our team to help you setup this up for your team!

2. Copy the doc

Click Copy doc in the top-right corner.

3. Invite your team to collaborate.

Click Share in the top-right corner. And add your teammates. Remember, editors and viewers are always free.

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