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Subtasks in timeline

This solution shows how to drill down to subtasks in a timeline (). Video tutorial
PetPulse Project Timeline
Connect your Jira account to make edits in Coda.
Collaborate with cybersecurity experts
AI Algorithm Optimization
New Feature Development
Data Security Enhancement
User Interface Redesign
Integration with Veterinary Clinics
AI Algorithm Optimization
Real-time Monitoring and Alerts
Mobile App and Website Enhancements
Safety and Security Enhancements
Integration with Smart Devices
Launch website
Update Row in Zapier Integration
Create Row for Zapier Integration
Figure out what you're doing
Rewrite MARKDOWN() to avoid html parsing step
Jira sync is constantly modifying cloumn value formats of columns in at least one doc
Adding the same datasource twice causes stuck workflows and a hanging sync
Add live updated dates and date ranges to date controls
Spec improved column copy & paste behavior
Add first-sync spinning indicator via rename hack
Comments Clickstop 1
Whitelist Victorious for DevOps experiments
Show hidden columns by default in the row detail modal
Datasource Lifecycle Work
Support RichEdit in Cells
Hide columns on datasource tables based on the users selection from the wizard
Jira full sync needs to schedule follow up fetches ASAP when > 1000 issues
Upsert key fails to identify match when an issues moves between projects in Jira
Get push data flowing into documents again
Remove uniqueness constraint on deleted datasource and allow creating new ones
Admin and supportability for datasources
Swiftly BitBucket Sync is failing
Dev Ops Dashboard and Tracker are missing pushes
Clean up sprint columns in existing docs / figure out solution for MATCHES formula
JQL fails when an issue is deleted
fetchGitHubData workflow is failing because of 404's from GitHub api
Carry over items not showing in new JIRA sprint
BitBucket webhook registration is failing for Matt's doc
Column names changing over and over again adding and removing '(Disabled)'
High5 github fetches are all failing
Formula Autocomplete does not work for items starting with a number or symbol
Have section list default to open with new docs
Put Comments & Activity behind separate experiment
Add copy/paste support for LOCATION
Copy and paste of CARD values
LIST_PROPERTIES() returns internal values when called on regular grid
Add filter doesn't work on BloomBoard doc
GoFundMe doc will not snapshot
Copy/paste of _List formulas doesn't work
Add column entry point for adding slicers in Canvas
Double click on multiselect option selects option above
Very few prs have synced from BloomBoard-Research/bb-core-app
JIRA schema should include these fields: Labels, Fix versions, Watch Count & Description
Backend work for non-admin GitHub setup
Keep it neat!
Revive devops dashboard
Address various performance issues throughout the app
Mouse cursor when dragging cards is not consistent
Create a modal row detail and next steps for comments, attachments, etc.
External data connections for the prod dev scenario
Add support for a variety of controls as canvas objects and column formats
CARD formulas should be able to render column output formats
Flesh out v2 of Row Detail spec
Support markdown for release notes demo doc
Draw up new group by styling and behavior
Protect control config editing from bad formulas
Prototype list / card views using Grids
MULTISELECT controls for Canvas and formulas
Generic edit control properties popup
Expose column format-as option for controls
Add style option to IMAGE formula: IMAGE(url, width, height, name, style). Start with 'circle' to create circular images
Add support for CARDs using formula
Formula results of bool don't work properly with the slicer
Column headers should show up on Retina displays after delay on scroll
Sync works cleanly and reliably across environments
Scenario validation w/ user feedback interviews
Add support for default value formulas
Build out set of control UI components
Build new Section list - separate out Sections from Data Sources
Work with Mallika on QA views in dashboard
Add support for bulk upserts
Luxe Follow-up
Shyp Interview
Jelly Interview
Angle Interview
GitHub connected tables stay in sync in document and properly invalidate dependencies on changes
Bind tables to datasources via datasources and data sinks in DB
Users can import static snapshot of JIRA tasks
Jira Backend workflow
Tim should be able to view the contents of a row in a modal row-detail and make edits from there per the mocks in
Mobile app stories
New task in Kanban sample
New task in Kanban sample
New task in Kanban sample
Issues like this one that are marked as fixed in a released version do not show up in Work mode but are included in the reports
Issues like this one that are marked as fixed in a released version do not show up in Work mode but are included in the reports
Issues like this one that are marked as fixed in a released version do not show up in Work mode but are included in the reports
Issues like this one that are marked as fixed in a released version do not show up in Work mode but are included in the reports
Issues like this one that are marked as fixed in a released version do not show up in Work mode but are included in the reports
Issues like this one that are marked as fixed in a released version do not show up in Work mode but are included in the reports
Instructions for deleting this sample board and project are in the description for this issue >> Click the "KS-10" link and read the description tab of the detail view for more
As teams develop with Kanban they get better at reducing average resolution time (aka Cycle time). The Control Chart in the Reports shows this information
Filters at the top of the board allow you to quickly cut down the shown items >> Try clicking the "Recently Updated" to hide work items not updated in the past day
... so 2 work items violate the limit and cause the column to be highlighted
Work In Progress (WIP) limits highlight delays. This column's limit is 1...
Work items flow through different stages from left to right >> Try dragging this card to "Selected for Development"
Work items are ranked in priority order (from top to bottom) >> Try dragging this card over the card below to rank its priority lower
Add work items with "+ Create Issue" at the top right of the screen >> Try adding a new card now
Kanban boards are often divided into streams of work, aka Swimlanes. By default, Kanban boards include an "Expedite" swimlane for items marked with the highest priority (like this one)
Kanban cards represent work items >> Click the "KS-1" link at the top of this card to show the Detail view - there's more on Kanban in the 'Description' section
Integration with Smart Devices
Integration with Smart Devices
Integration with Smart Devices
New Epic
Enhance user authentication mechanisms
Conduct regular security audits
Collaborate with cybersecurity experts
Educate users on data security
Evaluate and incorporate user feedback
Improve accuracy of breed recognition
Implement machine learning model updates
Improve accuracy of breed recognition
Refactor code for better performance
Optimize algorithm for large datasets
Implement machine learning model updates
Implement GPS tracking functionality
Develop emergency alert system
Implement push notifications
Create reporting system for walk metrics
Enhance photo and video sharing!!
Implement interactive map functionality
Enhance scheduling feature
Create detailed walk reports
Implement in-app messaging system
Improve user interface and experience
Implement identity verification system
Enhance emergency response protocols
Implement data privacy enhancements
Enhance compatibility with pet wearables
Develop compatibility with fitness trackers
Enable automated door access for dog walkers
Implement smart home integration for seamless experiences
Develop compatibility with automated feeding systems
Add UX for comments panels
Add glue code for commenting a row
Add glue code for commenting a range
Add count of unresolved threads in format bar
Add resolve button to UX
Add UX for comment thread
Add commented range highlight
Add commented object dogear
Add comment button in format bar
Support for comments tables
Plumb in Regions support to Ranges
Add sweeper to purge deleted data sinks and datasources
Handle case where credentials no longer work / user disconnected on GitHub side
Handle case where source project / repo is deleted
Deletion of data sinks if target tables no longer exist
Handle user's revoking tokens/deleting target datasource (repo/project/board/etc.)
Drop (or pause/delete) data sink when a doc is jailed/deleted
Admin: add metrics for data sources
Admin: generic search
Admin: Move User/Domain mapping of Experiments into Admin console
Admin: Add diagnostics / key state data for data source
Admin: Add user accounts profile view in admin console
Figure out usage and next steps
Investigate direct @ref/hyperlink support for values within Ranges
Improve formula support for Ranges values
Finish initial PR from VK and add tests
Trello data sink settings dialog time/dates are missing
Trello board names are missing from the data sinks settings dialog
Jira project names missing from the data sink settings dialog
Webhook settings dialog doesn't show last push information
Wire up 'fetch now' button
Implement new mock design
Create mocks for per-data source config UX
Optimize settings dialog reference links to go through doc cursor
Wire up data source checkboxes
Wire up webhook URL copy-to-clipboard
Add user names to github config panel
Fix TitleMenu datasink list to update dynamically
Add APIs to power the datasource settings config options
Add experiment and basic entry point to open dialog
Fix lost logging context within workflow executions
Add Pingdom /healthz endpoint for important datasource workflows
Workflows: improve logging for better offline diagnostics
'All' option not actually setting up any repos
Datasource Integration Testing
Improve diagnostics and robustness of Datasource Workflows
GitHub client silently supresses 403's and causes down stream failures
Add support for adding new columns to existing documents when we update the schema for provider
Jira integration busted on HEAD
Duplicate sinks when copying a document
Update interactions for selecting a table to match new design
Add hasAdminPermissions for bitbucket
Swallowed error while trying to connect JIRA... left user hanging as to what was happening.
We should hide "Scenario" from the datasources list
Custom field "Component" not showing up for Highfive JIRA instance [blocking]
No repos show up for Swift.ly after connecting to BitBucket
Data source setup flow refinements
WebHooks Upgrades
Better sync infrastructure
Destructure column menu item only shows up for payload column in webhook tables
Parsing of custom fields should be tolerant to nested = and ,
Make Jira Sync Great Again
Add datasource config from document settings
Add sync support for BitBucket
Support JIRA for non-admin after the application has been registered (api sync, but not webhook)
Pop modal when you try and connect to JIRA when Krypton has not been registered with the JIRA instance
Support github for non admins
Jira data is not syncing to the dev ops dash
Adding partially complete URL breaks initial JIRA import (e.g. no http)
Indicate and support read-only columns for connected datasources
JIRA schema should include custom fields
JIRA import should ingest all issues in a project, not just the first 1000
Remove slicers from github inflation schema
Trello Sync Improvements
Github Integration Tests
Bitbucket integration tests
Trello integration tests
Jira integration tests
Investigate infra level support
Improve supportability of Datasources in Admin Service
Plumb field filtering through the fetch/push workflows
Convert Trello setup to wizard
Convert Jira setup to wizard
Convert github setup to wizard
Add sync frequency support to external datasources
Create wizard container react glue
Wire up copy-doc reconnect data source flow
Add sweeper for scheduling full syncs periodically
Thread sync frequency, start time, and register webhooks through from the client
When a new datasink is configured use the most recent full sync
Support full vs. partial sync in fetch/push infra
Support re-sync (via admin console) for existing docs
Bitbucket tests for workflows
Bitbucket Settings Client
Bitbucket REST client
Bitbucket OAUTH provider
Bitbucket Scenario Lightup
Bitbucket Icon
Investigate BitBucket integration
Process multiple webhooks at once when possible
Stop writing payloads for JIRA/GitHub webhooks
Keep payload status up to date while processing it
Schedule webhooks from a sweeper instead of from the handler
Update webhooks code to keep last event up-to-date
jira push data workflow needs to be idempotent
data sink settings are too large for index
Parsing sprint, epic, story points
Create entrypoint for adding a bound multi-select control to filter column values (acts as slicer)
Remove legacy Slicer controls
Add column entry point for setting up a slicer and throws it in the canvas above the table
Add Matches formula (and make _Matches experimental)
Graduate controls from behind experiment
Remove control formulas from formula autocomplete
MULTISELECT: Unable to select final item and Exception on attempting it
Control Config: right clicking on multiselect control brings up the browser context menu initially
Formula not marked as broken if an undeleted control is deleted again
When document is shared as read-only, sliders are still draggable
Validate control params
LIST_PROPERTIES does not show up in auto complete options with control experiment turned on
Cell-edit mode for control formatted columns should allow editing the raw value.
GET_PROPERTY doesn't recalc on property change
Render error if value is out of bounds
Eliminate extra spacing following controls (checkbox)
Feature: Control config for column formats
MULTISELECT should add scroll bars when rendering long list of items
Support controls in column formats
_MATCHES formula doesn't work with Canvas MULTISELECT control
Create multi select list control
Build calendar control
Investigate duplicate key failure in github push data workflow
Copy dev dops doc and freeze it for demo purposes
Add calced columns and clean out noops from pushes table to get doc running again
Stop adding noop head pushes to the pushes table
add an optional endVersion param to requestLog
download committedOpLog through the web worker instead of the UI thread
Opening row detail on grouped table opens up multiple copies of the dialog
Selecting multiple rows shows multiple pop-over buttons
Showing a row-detail on a linked table re-directs to base table on expand....
Selecting "show hidden" in row detail on linked-table doesn't expand and takes you to the base table
Range date picker
Single date picker
Add support for easy single select on dbl click
Copy/pasting a control doesn't render until I refocus my selection somewhere
Links/images in markdown
Build out MARKDOWN formula for rendering PR descriptions
Merge "Show experimental charting formulas in formula builder" into product
Merge "Enable turning on lightbox for image formulas" into the product
Delete "Enables use of fixed width canvas"
Delete a column of controls throws RTE
Escape column names in format formulas
We don't carry the control type through copy/paste
Expose generic control edit popup
Expose column format-as-control option
Referencing a control via formula language returns its value
Add formula to get control metdata
Support structuredValue export from renderer column
Add data-bound controls in formula language
Clean-up or subclass ControlGrid for controls
Add controls submenu
Add experiment to expose controls
Build slider/toggle view control
Characterize buggy focus behavior of modal
Row URLs should update w/ popped modal
Modal entry point adjustments
Selection/focus should only be in the modal
Escape should close the modal, but keep the selection on the row
For long content, modal should scroll
Include activity, comments, and attachments from row inspector
Update row modal width and layout to spec
Keyboard shortcut: open on spacebar
Row detail entrypoint from table
Initial row detail modal work
Clear backlog of failing push data jobs
Add tools to admin for debugging and cleaning up failing workflows
Figure out why GitHub on Head is F@cked
Make users fetch work for all repos (not just org owned repos)
Write tests for configure/fetch/push github workflows
Fix `nextPromise is not a function` error
Drop reports on import of GitHub
Implement sync for JIRA
Get GitHub sync to work for personal repos (not just team)
Follow up with Jelly
Follow up with NCSA
Highfive Follow-up interview
Fanatics Follow-up
Update github client to support since timestamp for prs
GitHub webhooks
Trigger data population on github workflow events
Split workflows into configuration and data population
Add support for bulk upserts
Auto-refresh datasource or use webhooks to update datasource
User Feedback
QA testing
Develop wireframe
Nov 2022
Dec 2022
Jan 2023
Feb 2023
AI Algorithm Optimization
Integration with Veterinary Clinics

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