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Home Remodeling Shopping List

This home remodeling shopping list template helps you manage items you need to purchase, helps you save costs, and build the home of your dreams. Item lists are taken from Lowe's for Pros and structure taken from LifeStorage.


This home remodeling shopping list takes best practices for home remodeling from and to help you remodel your home. A few features of this template:
Takes all the worksheets from for a comprehensive shopping list for any room in your house
Best practices from the
Add and remove items from your shopping list with a click of a button
View and interact with your list on your mobile phone


1️⃣ Answer a few introductory questions on the section.
2️⃣ Select the room in your house/apartment you are remodeling on
3️⃣ Enter in the items you need to purchase on the section, and see a summary on your mobile phone in

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