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GTD To-Do List with Gmail, GCal

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GTD To-Do List with Gmail, GCal

A GTD (Getting Things Done) template with Gmail and Google Calendar integrations

Getting Things Done

David Allen’s “” framework allows you to…well…get things done! This template take this popular framework and let’s you create Google Calendar events based on the tasks, project, and ideas you enter into your list. Need to quickly send an e-mail of a given project and all its sub-tasks to a friend or colleague? The Gmail Pack gives you the ability to create a draft for you to send from your inbox 📩.


1️⃣ Enter all your new ideas and projects as they enter your head in and create Google Calendar events of your projects.
2️⃣ Adjust the priorities of your tasks and projects in .
3️⃣ View your bigger projects at and create draft e-mails in Gmail of your projects (if you want to send notes to someone else).

What's in this doc?

Enter all your ideas here as they pop in your head
Adjust priority levels of your projects, add sub tasks, and assign timelines
Tasks that are past due or due today
Tasks due within a week
Due more than a week from now
No set due date, just pipe dreams for now
View your completed tasks and projects
Get a bird's eye view of your bigger projects and progress
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