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Worst-Case Scenario
@Anonymous User
. Your big decision is:
Take my first vacation in 4 years
@When I get to London, it will be rainy and foggy. I will get depressed.
@I'll miss a letter from the IRS, since I won't be working on my business.
Worst-Case Average Impact Score:

How you plan to PREVENT them:
Bring a portable blue light with me to decrease depression.
Change the mailing address on file with the IRS.
And ways you can REPAIR any potential damage:
Fly to Spain, get some sun, and reverse some of the damage from the gloominess.
Call a friend who is a lawyer to see what they would recommend I do.
Benefits of taking action
You've identified
@Gaining an understanding of a new culture
@Not having to rely on supplements or drugs to stay awake or go to sleep
@No more phone calls about my business
@Meeting new people every day I wouldn't otherwise meet
😀 Benefits Average Impact Score:
Costs of Inaction
I won't be able to travel for a wedding.
My business will continue to grow, which will require me to work 10 more hours per week
1 Year
I'll get sick from all the stimulants I'm taking to stay awake for work and from all the depressants to go to sleep.
I'll become a bottleneck in my business, and it will fail.
3 Years
I still won't have settled down because I can't keep a relationship.
I'll repeat my failures in other businesses.
Some final parting words from a great modern Stoic:
"Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life."
— Jerzy Gregorek

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