Name your fears


In the event your worst-case scenarios actually happened, how could you repair the damage? Whom could you ask for help? How could you get back on track if you had to?
Tip: Ask yourself: Has anyone else in the history of time, less intelligent or less driven, dealt with this scenario and figured it out? Chances are the answer is "Yes," and information on how to repair the damage is out there.
Your big decision:
Take my first vacation in 4 years
Impact (1 = none, 10 = life-ending)
When I get to London, it will be rainy and foggy. I will get depressed.
Bring a portable blue light with me to decrease depression.
Fly to Spain, get some sun, and reverse some of the damage from the gloominess.
I'll miss a letter from the IRS, since I won't be working on my business.
Change the mailing address on file with the IRS.
Call a friend who is a lawyer to see what they would recommend I do.
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👉 Evaluate the upside:

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