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Astraeus Defense

Welcome to Astraeus

Astraeus is a distant planet abundant with rare natural resources and exotic life. The planet has attracted the attention of eight unique surrounding advanced life forms and civilizations, not all of which have the best intentions. Join in the ongoing battle for Astraeus. Choose a side, deploy units, conquer your opponents while defending your teams base, and extract resources in the process. The winners will seize their fair share of Astraeus’ most desirable treasures.
Astraeus Defense is a free to play, competitive multiplayer (3v3) sci-fi auto-battler that allows players to take on the role of one of eight unique alien races, and deploy race-specific units to the battlefield. Each unit has a set attack and defense type, which makes them strong against certain defense types and weak against certain attack types. The battle takes place on a long single lane, with gateways and a base on opposing ends of the map.


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