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Load Shedding Schedules & Blocks

By Timothy Treagus, Yazi

Load Shedding block histories (from Python)

CPT Block schedules.csv
464.1 kB
Durban Block schedules (1).csv
693.7 kB
Eskom Block schedules.csv
464.1 kB


Blocks calculate: CPT, Eskom, Durban & JHB.
The Mangaung Metro Municipality and Tshwane area have not been calculated but represent less than 10% of the merchants
The below Sheet contains the Area->Block tables for 9 Eskom provinces + JHB + CPT + Durban. It has one tab or CSV file with all the block histories running along the columns. These Blocks have been tagged by the city/province/source they are from so that you will be able to appropriately lookup the history from a Block. I.e. Block 1 in the Eastern Cape (Eskom) will have a different history to Block 1 in CPT.
Date range: From 06/01/21 - 06/06/23

Google Sheets with Schedules & Areas:

Resources for Schedules
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