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Fundraising Copilot

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Fundraising Copilot

Use Coda AI to manage your fundraising process!

About this Template

Fundraising Copilot is a template designed to help startup founders fundraise from VCs. Watch the video below to see how to use Fundraising Copilot in action.

How to use this template

There are 4 core pieces of this template: , , , and . All 4 are interconnected through Coda AI.
Step 1: Fill out the Pitch Worksheet
Instructions 👇
Go to the page and put in everything related to your company. It’s ok if it’s not structured - that’s where Coda AI will help in the subsequent steps!

Step 2: Watch Coda AI create your pitch!

Instructions 👇
Go to the page and reload the 3 AI blocks on the page: the email blurb, an elevator pitch, and an outline for a pitch deck based on the content in .
Step 3: Update the investor CRM

Instructions 👇
Go to the page - this is where you’ll manage your fundraising process. When you add a new investor, watch Coda AI automatically write some draft email copy for you to send - remember to add in the email blurb from !
Step 4: Update meeting notes

Instructions 👇
Go to the page to add in meeting notes as you have meetings with investors from the . Coda AI will automatically summarize your meeting notes and parse out next steps for each investor meeting.
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