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“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”– Phil Collins

Introduction to FWD Path
FWD (Learning) Paths are a guided collection of resources that helps learners learn actionable skills, recommended by top industry mentors like you.
100% signal. No noise.
How does it work?
Once you share the links of resource (article, video, books, twitter threads, podcast) - FWD team will extract key ideas from these and present to the learner in the award-winning tappable format!
Is this a 1-time process?
All we ask is that you share the list of 5 resources as the first instalment and then, you can continue to add to it.
That is, its a 1-time, but open-ended.

Notes from FWD team
You can add relevant links pertaining to the learning path described in the title.
Use the 'New card' link or ‘Add a resource’ link to add relevant resources.
You can reorder these resources.
Please try to have atleast 5 resources in the path.
Once done, just hit the ‘Notify FWD Team’ button
Don’t worry, you can continue to add more resources to the paths, but the first 5 links actually helps us create a meaty one for FWDians.

Take a look at this sample .
Description of the path / Why it matters

<Please add here a short description of the path. ~50 words / 280 characters>

Add a resource
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