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Easily manage your short-term rental business 🚀

A Coda template designed to help Airbnb hosts manage their properties, guests, and bookings

What’s Coda?

Coda is a powerful doc that combines the best features of spreadsheets, documents, and apps into one powerful solution.

Using this template ⤵️

This doc works for both single-unit and multi-unit owners 👏
copy this doc
and then
the dummy bookings data
View the 📳 page for a snapshot of what’s happening
Add your ❤️ into the CRM and
the dummy guest data
Add your property(s) to the 🏠 dashboard and
the dummy property data
View the schedule in 📆
Check out your 📈 dashboard
Stay up-to-date with 📰 tips (see other ideas to edit the Zapier Zap)
Visit the 💾 to edit the doc structure
Have others that need access? 🎟️ Learn how to

Other Ideas & notes 💡

⚡ Send data outside of this doc with Zapier or Coda Packs
🤖 Add automations/rules to setup email/slack notifications
✏️ Build custom forms and views to extend this application to your guests or partners
🔒 Data is the heart of this doc. If you need any special fields or tables, feel free to make changes
⚙️ Edit the
⚡ that controls the “AirHost Tips” news

Built with ❤️ by Arthur West in Coda

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