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How to Play

In this version of Minesweeper, there are 10 mines hidden amongst an 8x8 grid of tiles. To win, you need to flag all mines and reveal all other squares without clicking on any mines.

By default, clicking on a tile will reveal it, but pressing the
Toggle click row
button will switch back and forth between the reveal mode and the flag mode, which will allow you to mark tiles you suspect contain mines.

If you reveal a tile that does not contain a mine, it will display the number of mines in tiles adjacent to it (includes diagonally adjacent tiles), which will allow you to deduce the where mines are located. If there are no mines adjacent to the revealed tile, it will be blank (and you can safely reveal all adjacent tiles).

You can restart your game and generate a new grid by pressing
New game

Once you’ve won, you can save your time to the
with the
Add to leaderboard

Differences from traditional Minesweeper

Normally, your first click is guaranteed to reveal an empty tile with no adjacent mines - however this version will reveal a tile at random with no guarantees about its contents.
Normally, revealing an empty tile with no adjacent mines will also reveal all its neighbors (which will continue recursively for any neighbors with no adjacent mines) - this version does not do so as buttons cannot activate other buttons in the same column.
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