Task Tango

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AI + Task Management. Reach Your Goals Faster. Coordinate Tasks Efficiently.

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Introducing Task Tango: The ultimate Coda template for agile project management. Seamlessly multi-task between projects, prioritize tasks, and collaborate with ease. Inspired by SCRUM principles, Task Tango empowers you to conquer tasks and stay organized in a dynamic work environment. From sprint planning to progress monitoring, Task Tango brings harmony to your projects, eliminating chaos and boosting productivity. Step onto the dance floor of efficiency and achieve project success like never before. Welcome to Task Tango!


- Add details about your various projects, so that you can add tasks and epics to them
- Break down your goals into smaller, manageable tasks
- Organize and schedule your tasks weekly

Steps To Use

Start by adding your projects to the dedicated projects page. You can even leverage the power of Coda AI to automatically generate tasks based on your input and assign them to the appropriate project.
Next, head over to the long-term goals page and enter your significant tasks and work, also known as epics. Include their respective deadlines, dates, and associated projects.
To break down your epics into manageable sub-tasks, utilize the sprint planner. Assign these sub-tasks to the relevant epic and project, and as you progress through them, update their status to keep track of your accomplishments.

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