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Data Science Project Template

This simple step-by-step planning tool helps you manage your data science project
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If you are working on a data science project, it helps to stay up to date on the progress of project tasks and have everything in one place to manage the project.
The layout helps to track the progress of your project with a clear roadmap and the detailed structure of the project. You can find here a place for all your training and testing datasets. The business results can be uploaded to the output collaboration part, where you can easily discuss and collaborate with others the results of the models.
The issue management tab enables to integrate the data from your Jira and get access to all the insights in the Coda doc. Similarly, the calendar integration will help you deal with all the project meetings.
Knowledge center and notes from the meeting supports to gather information from different sources in one place.
This layout is a great way to help you manage different stakeholders on your data science project and further move with the progress.

Why the template was created?

Managing the data science project is not an easy task and most data scientists use several tools to discuss business insights, deal with issue management, report the experimentation with the data or aggregate knowledge from the team. We hope that the new layout will enable smoother collaboration on the project and will help data scientists manage their projects in one place - Coda.


1️⃣ Update the project roadmap in and upload the newest training and testing datasets.
2️⃣ Upload your insights from the models to , where you can easily receive feedback from other team members
3️⃣ Enter you project tasks in or import your data from Jira
4️⃣ Take the screenshots of the most useful parts of the code and paste them to the , where you can aggregate all the knowledge from the projects
5️⃣ Integrate your calendar with Coda and enjoy access to your meetings and notes in one place.
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