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Equation Domain Activities

Equations: Days 4 - 6
Activity #1
13 Points: Review Questions from State Assessment Guide
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Activity #2

Activity #3
Student Learning Statement:
I am learning:
How to create equations
So that I can:
Describe the relationship between linear, quadratic and exponential functions
I'll know I know it when:
I can correctly answer questions that resemble those given in the Equations domain of the EOC
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Creating Equations A.CED
Create equations that describe numbers or relationships
MGSE9-12.A.CED.1 Create equations and inequalities in one variable and use them to solve problems. Include equations arising from linear, quadratic, and exponential functions.
MGSE9-12.A.CED.2 Create linear, quadratic, and exponential equations in two or more variables to represent relationships between quantitates; graph equations on coordinate axes with labels and scales.
MGSE9-12.A.CED.3 Represent constraints by equations or inequalities, and by systems of equations and/or inequalities, and interpret data points as possible or not possible (solution versus non-solution) under the established constraints
MGSE9-12.A.CED.4 Rearrange formulas to highlight a quantity of interest using the same reasoning as in solving equations.
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