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Apoorva <> Plum

At the heart of what I do is the user. With a user-first approach, continuous discovery, and iterations framed by KPIs, I craft experiences that users don't just like, but love.

Hey Team,

I know you're busy and get lots of submissions, so this will only take 2 mins to read.
I'm Apoorva, and I'm thrilled to be submitting this assignment to you. I checked the Job description provided, and based on my PM experience, I believe I could be a good fit at Plum!

Here's a little brief about me and my background -
With ~4 years in the startup arena, I've had the privilege of working in the product teams of some exceptional companies such as Pine Labs - Asia’s leading merchant commerce and payment platform, - India's largest real estate transactions company and Tekion Corp. - a California-based SaaS unicorn.
My diverse work experience spans B2B and B2C, encompassing new and mature products, websites, and mobile apps across various startup stages (bootstrapped, VC funded, and profitable) within Fintech, Saas, and Payments domains.

What sets me apart?
Well, I have high agency, a very strong value system, extreme empathy, and an incredible sense of responsibility.
Highly creative and growth mindset person. Enjoy dealing with data and UX. Technology optimist: Proficient in utilizing technology and tools, including Figma, Tableau, Amplitude, Jira, MS Office and MoEngage. AI buff: I'm a big believer in the power of AI and extensively explore new AI tools.
If we're talking about pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking features, and driving excellent product growth from the user-first perspective, then I’m your person!

Perks of choosing Apoorva, at a glance
✅ Previous B2B and B2C experience
✅ Immediately available to Join
✅ ~4 years of experience in Product Management
✅ Ready to relocate to Bangalore

Here's the link to my -

Why am I writing this to you?
This is not my first time applying at Plum.
Since 2021, I've had my eye on joining Plum, I've persistently pursued opportunities to join the team. I have always been inspired by Plum's mission to simplify the complex world of insurance — a cause close to my heart.
It’s been my belief that needlessly intricate systems perpetuate low-trust societies by leaving the naive or less educated unaware and falling behind. To address this issue, during my college years in 2020, I launched Let's Talk Law () out of a desire to simplify the complexities of legal language and make it more accessible.



With each application to Plum, I've hoped for the chance to join the team. This time, I'm committed to leaving no stone unturned—I've included an assessment along with my application to provide a glimpse into my skills and hopefully secure an interview 🤞
I approach this with humility, but also with a sincere belief in my abilities to contribute meaningfully to Plum's processes. I know I can bring a fresh perspective, a user-centric approach, and a data-driven mindset to the table, and I'm confident I can be a valuable asset to your team!

That said, I would love to be a part of your product team!
Would love to hear from you :)
Wishing you peace,
Have a great day ahead
Apoorva Gupta
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