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Technology and Market Trends


OpenAI started as a leader in the B2C domain, Bard (now Gemini) and Claude, both struggled with a late launch that failed to meet our quality in terms of answering user queries, OpenAI was regarded as THE disruptor of Google Search.
Google even ended up publishing a memo of “We have no moat (and neither does OpenAI)”, it looks like we have now entered the later phase.
Competitors (Google, Anthropic) continue to catch onto us in terms of model performance, early users and perception has started to shift in their favour.
We are no more THE google disruptor, Perplexity has stolen the crown both in terms of perception as well as quality of answers.


Over the past 2 years a lot has changed, Open-source models have started coming close to our free chat experience powered by GPT 3.5 and our competitors are launching models that are close to our SOTA model (GPT 4), our B2B API Competitors are trying to crush us with better pricing.
From a developer POV there is no advantage to integrating ONLY OpenAI models anymore, aggregators and OpenSource LLMs continue to close the gap of cost, performance and reliability. Developers have started using us as ONE of the LLM APIs in their applications, zeroing down to what works better for their use-cases.
Perplexity which earlier relied on our API offerings is moving towards independence powered by OpenSource models which is true for many of our other users as well.
Assistant APIs had a great and hyped launch (socially) , but failed to match the success of the initial OpenAI API launch, partially because the Generative AI domain is now moving towards maturity and it will now become harder to succeed for everyone (including us), innovation and user experience is key.
While Assistants API has a lot of indirect competition (Langchain, LlamaIndex) OpenAI still has a a winning creator experience, we need to double down on the same and improve it further.


Anthropic has succeeded in positioning itself as the Generative AI platform fine-tuned for businesses through the early launch of its Chat with Documents feature and it’s overall positioning.
Google can acquire millions of users to Gemini by plugging in Gemini to Google workspaces (Docs, Sheets and Slides), its very difficult to compete with them here.
Apple is planning to put Gemini in the hands of all its iPhone users through its partnership with Google.
Tools like TLDRAW, FigJam have used our vision APIs for great success in their products.
To win the monetization game we need to WIN B2B.

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