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Apaya is a cutting-edge fintech company revolutionizing the payment landscape in the Middle East and Africa. With an extensive marketplace featuring 40+ leading fintech partners, Apaya empowers businesses to discover innovative payment solutions tailored to their needs.
Seamlessly integrating with Apaya Studio, merchants can optimize their payment performance, stay ahead of the competition, and unlock the potential of seamless payments.
What sets Apaya apart is its powerful no-code orchestration tools, enabling businesses to easily customize and automate payment processes without requiring technical expertise. This streamlined approach allows merchants to enhance customer satisfaction, drive business growth, and explore new opportunities in the digital economy.
Before we prioritise an integration with a payment provider we need to complete this document. We shall use this information to complete our solution design and to ensure the integration can be completed as efficiently as possible.

Following the completion of the questionnaire and delivery of all requirements detailed below, Apaya shall produce a Solution Design Document (SDS) for you to sign off. Following sign-off, you shall be ‘Integration Ready’.

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Michael Tomlins (Commercial)
Rocky Lal (Product Manager)

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