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On dropping judgement
Don’t settle on appearances, it’s 1D thinking. As humans we are multi-dimensional beings & owe it one another to let the pretense & appearances drop so we can lean in and learn from each other’s experiences.
On learning vs mastering skills
It takes time to master skills but it doesn’t take a lot to begin. Mastery can be a goal while patience, curiosity, ability to focus & perseverance makes for the journey towards the goal. Mastery is not as important as getting better at the qualities that will make the learning journey better.
On Exhaustion
Information fatigue in the age of social media & internet can lead to acute & chronic indecision. Progress in any subject requires stillness & mental capacity. If the capacity to do so is already running in reserve due to the amount of context changes we go through, then progress is slow or often even reversed.

Experiments w/ Volunteering, Service & Kindness

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