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2024 Budget Proposal

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2024 CFM Budget Proposal

Children and Family Ministry | Overbrook Presbyterian Church

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2023 marked a transformative year for the Children and Family Ministry (CFM) at Overbrook Presbyterian Church. As we look ahead to 2024, the Director of Children and Family Ministry (DCFM) and CFM Leaders are guided by several compelling indicators:

Qualitative Growth

Programmatic Expansion: 2023 was a milestone year that saw the diversification and enrichment of our ministry offerings, providing a broader experience for our diverse community.
Multigenerational Engagement: 2023 also saw a remarkable increase in sustained volunteer engagement across the church: from youth, caregivers and parents, and seniors. Our ministry is a strong expression of a healthy multigenerational atmosphere blooming at Overbrook that extends beyond families into the broader community.

Quantifiable Growth

Currently, the CFM serves 70 active children from 45 families. Last year we counted 60 children across 35 families. Between Q3 2022 and Q4 2023, we experienced a growth rate of approximately 16.67% in active children and 15.38% in active families.

Budgetary Considerations

Typically, healthy children’s ministries aim for a programmatic funding level of approximately $100 per child, irrespective of their activity level. This figure does not account for administrative expenses or projected growth in the upcoming year.
Based on the CFM’s current rate of expansion, a prudent budget for 2024 would be $8,200 to cover program costs alone. In addition to these program costs, we are seeking additional funds for committee activities and resources. This budget not only addresses CFM’s operational needs, but also positions the ministry to accomodate more learners and volunteers throughout its multigenerational programs.
Finally, we are seeking funds to support the Director's discretionary and travel expenses, as well as a separate review of his employment terms and salary. This request will be forwarded to the Head of Staff and Personnel Committee of OPC as well.
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