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Skills & Concepts
2D Design
Navigate the Workspace
Create a sketch
Edit an existing sketch
Change unit type & set a unit type as default
Orbit in space
Pan the view around (translation, either by zooming correctly or the button)
Use “rollback” in the timeline
Save a file
Develop a system for saving your files
Develop a system for saving your files (Ignition Lab Specific)
Use esc to exit the tool
Draw Basic Shapes
Use the corner rectangle tool
Use the center rectangle tool
Understand the difference between the corner and center rectangle tools and when to use each
Use the circle tool (center diameter circle)
Create a midpoint
Identify when to use a midpoint
Use a midpoint constraint
Use the spline tool & click the checkmark to finish spline
Create a non regular and regular polygon and understand how to create different sided polygons using the polygon tool
Circumscribed vs. inscribed polygon: Explain the difference when drawing
Circumscribed vs. inscribed polygon: Explain why we use a circle to define
Explain why a circle is just a polygon with infinite sides
Create text
Change text parameters
Apply constraints to text
Add text to a path
Use move/copy to make identical shapes
Understand which objects to select when copying shapes
How to Draw an Arc: Center & 3-point - NOT SURE IF COMPLETED
Spline vs. Arc
Use an image in a design (LED Sign Tutorial)
Modify Basic Shapes
Mirror a shape
3D Design
Mate a Static Assembly
Insert an existing design into an assembly
Understand Degrees of Freedom (DOFs)
Understand Lasercutter Workflow
Understand general process flow of using digital fabrication machines
Understand general process flow of lasercutter [OB Specific]
Remember strategy for using various lasercutter softwares [OB Specific]
Understand the Various Softwares Used in Lasercutting [OB Specific]
Understand Reasonable Time Estimates for Lasercutting
Understand “laser cutter” anatomy
Conduct Maintenance on Lasercutter
Remove (left) side panel
Clean underneath the laser bed - TO BE EDITED
Clean the back of the lasercutter where exhaust outtake is - TO BE EDITED
Clean mirror on lasercutter head
Clean lens on lasercutter
Understand the different mirrors & lenses on the lasercutter
Understanding Image Editing Licensing - TO BE EDITED
Navigate Lasercutter Software
Drag design into laser bed
Fix Bad Zoom on JobControl
Give files unique names before you send to JobControl so you know which is yours - TO BE EDITED (missing images, located in Supporting Files)
Show preview of design
Change the material (power settings)
Change the material (power settings) - OB Specific
Consider cutting and engraving a bunch of material samples so you know what the results look like
Identify when the standard setting is going at the wrong time (Typical Trotec settings for Acrylic Standard doesn’t cut all the way and is high pitch. You will want to change the settings)
Add a custom material
Change the operation of a color
Skip operations
Calibrate the power and gradient of an engraved material
Use the laser head position to place your design
Outline a job
Leave some tolerance for material error
Rotate a job
Duplicate a job
Remove & delete a job
Navigate the side panel of jobs
Use the Lasercutter
Use the Lasercutter - TO BE EDITED
Understand how the Lasercutter works
Turn the Lasercutter on (+ Common Error)
Calibrate & Focus the Lasercutter for a Material - FRONT ONLY NEEDS TO BE STITCHED / EDITED
Calibrate & Focus the Lasercutter for a Material - OVERHEAD ONLY NEEDS TO BE STITCHED / EDITED
Navigate the physical Lasercutter interface
Understand the safety checks for the Lasercutter - NEEDS TO BE EDITED
Check your understanding of obvious safety checks for laser cutter: don’t lean on the machine, no food/drink near it, don’t leave laser cutter unattended
Connect the computer to the Lasercutter
Fix USB random disconnect by trying to resume, or just restarting it
Understand how to load material into the Lasercutter
Understand what materials are allowable for the Lasercutter
Explain the difference between an allowable fire and an extended fire, & what to do in the case of an extended fire
Start the laser cutter, cut something, and retrieve parts from the Lasercutter
Work Around an Error During Lasercutter Operation
Stop the Lasercutter operation
Create a DXF from Part File
Export a sketch as a DXF file
Edit a File for Lasercutting
Use import to get file started
Ungroup objects
Tessalate a design
Rotate a design
Resize a design
Outline a design
Fix the error of filling in red (cutting)
Group objects
Flip the design
Fix the node tool back to cursor
Fix a file with incorrect units
Avoid stretching things - zoom instead
Deleting things in JobControl
Crop excess around a design
Resize the bed
Import a file into CorelDraw
Open a file in CorelDraw
Use a selection box in CorelDraw
Adjust geometry groupings to maintain spaces and holes (join curves, combine)
Order layers in CorelDraw (send to back, etc)
Send CorelDraw design to JobControl
3D Printing
Understand 3D Printer Workflow [FDM]
Understand Basic Process Flow for 3D Printers [FDM]
How the FDM 3D Printer Works
Achieving tolerances on 3D printer
Differences between different kinds of printers; brands, types, etc.
How FDM Printer Works & How We Know It’s 3D Printed [FDM]
Moving X Y Z axes (Settings + Shorcut)
Navigating the menu while it’s printing
Pausing and restarting the print
Where to find help for Prusa
Use the FDM 3D Printer
Clean off the bed before use
Fixing stuck filament when loading
Intro to Using Filament
Loading Filament
Start-up procedure
Starting a print
Taking a print off the bed
Understanding safety precautions to take when using the 3D printer
Unloading Filament
Using the Reset button
What is Filament
3D Printing Out in the World
3D Printing vs. Mass Manufacturing
Types of 3D printing (metal, ceramic, etc. ?)
Things to Watch out for: FDM
Crashing in boundaries and filament tangling
Detangling filament
FDM 3D Printing Pitfalls
Creating spaghetti
Infill & Wall Thickness
Print Orientation
Printing speeds
Printing things that are too big is bad
Running out of filament
Supports & Overhangs
Understanding build plate adhesion
Using rafts
Using rafts it not necessary for the Prusa
FDM Maintenance
Accessing statistics for print time & filament usage
Basic Maintenance Machine
Bed leveling
Different types of filament (material / diameter / colors)
Storing filament
Updating firmware
FDM Troubleshooting
First Layer Calibration
Troubleshooting Strategy
Common tools for post-processing
Removing supports

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