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Career Development Plan

Monthly tracker towards my career goals and progress
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Most career planning fails because it’s viewed as a one-time static event.
You have a conversation with your manager about your goals, areas of development, and potential growth opportunities.
And then you’re stuck on that path for the rest of your time together.
This template moves your static career conversation into a dynamic and evolving journey that helps you track and demonstrate progression against specific goals.
It also allows you to revisit goals as you capture more information.

How to use:
Start with . This is where you can reflect on what’s important to you in the long-term, mid-term, and short-term. It’s an opportunity to point the compass.
If you’re approaching your career like an experiment, it’s normal that your goals and ambitions will evolve as you learn more, so I recommend revisiting this every 6 months.
For your regular Career Development check-ins, create a copy of the Meeting Notes his should be on a more frequent cadence (typically monthly or quarterly). This chat is broken into 2 sections:
Feedback is how you start the Career Development Meeting, because it’s usually the best source for narrowing in on opportunities for growth and impact.
The first feedback tool is to capture your self and your manager’s rating for how you are performing against the core competencies for your role. This is to ensure that you can see your development progress over time and address any areas where you’re not meeting expectations (instead of waiting for an annual performance review).
The second feedback tool is ‘start stop and continues’. This is an opportunity for employees and managers to give each other recommendations on how to increase their impact for the next month.
Finally, make a concrete action plan.
Start by selecting the competencies you want to focus on developing. SELECT 2 MAX.
Next create ‘S.M.A.R.T.’ goals to help you level up. These are goals that are binary (either they happened or they didn’t) and time bound by some deadline.

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