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Interview Bit Assignment

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InterviewBit is a platform for attempting coding questions. Users come to this platform with the objective of finding relevant interview questions and then practicing them to ace their actual interviews. Although there is some learning content like cheat sheets, interview guides, it lacks depth and will not be useful for the learners who are looking to develop conceptual understanding of the topic.
Solution: The objective here is to leverage the learner’s data, identify their areas of improvement and recommend relevant courses and learning material. Since Scalar offer classroom programs and its positioning is that of a learning product, we should upsell relevant Scalar courses to users on the Interview Bit plat
Feature for increasing revenue
Scalar course recommendation based on user's performance and need
Use Case
As a user, I should get relevant scalar course recommendations after completing a track on InterviewBit
Pre requisite
Ability to identify InterviewBit users who are Scalar’s platform and vice versa
Ability to tag courses InterviewBit practice questions with Scalar classroom courses
Ability to store learnwise score in each of the learning track
On completing the track, learner should be recommended relevant Scalar based on their performance. If the learner has scored less than 80% of the other users then relevant Scalar courses should get unlocked. Since these are high intent users, special discount should be offered to them so that we can quickly convert them into paid users. If the learner has score more than 80% score then they should see a congratulatory message below the completed track (check design)
Acceptance criterion
I should see a message below each of the completed track card
I should see recommended courses if I have scored less than 80% of the users in the track
I should be able click on the View detail button on the recommended course card. On click I should be directed to course page on scalar
I should be able to make a course purchase on Scalar platform by clicking on the buy now button
Revised Practice Page
Success metrics
% Interview Bit users purchasing Scalar courses
Trade off and feature raodmap
We should not wait till track completion to pitch courses to Interview bit users. On success of this features, these courses can be showcased on the ongoing learning track if the user is scoring less or not able to complete that track
Impact on company objective
Diagnostic based upsell will lead to increase in high quality leads and scalar revenue (objective 3)
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