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Due to the nature of offering, it is highly likely that once the user has secured a decent job, they will lose motivation to practice on the platform. My hypothesis here is that these users are not returning to the platform. This can be validated by conducting a cohort analysis on the existing set of users. Due to lack of access to data, I’ll proceed with this assumption that users are not coming back to the platform after they have secured a job.
Helping you get a better job is a strong pitch for activating new accounts on the platform. However to retain users, the product should also promote upskilling. Hence the pitch for the existing users should be to achieve mastery in different learning tracks and relevant tech stacks.

Solution: To revamp the existing so that the users are pushed to excel in different learning tracks. The objective here is to let user know about their proficiency status in different learning tracks and show them a map on how they can achieve mastery in these tracks. This will motivate the learners to excel and use the platform for learning even after they have secured a jo
Feature for improving retention
Practice Page Revamp
Use Case
As a user, I should be able to see different learning tracks categorized as
Tech stacks
2. As a user, I should be able to differentiate between ongoing, not started and completed tracks
3. As a user, I should be able to see the progress and score for each of the ongoing and completed tracks
Pre requisite
Questions are tagged with topic, companies and tech stack
Acceptance criterion
On clicking relevant option on the tab, relevant tracks should be visible
Search option should be visible on the practice page
I should land on the individual track page on clicking on the CTA buttons on each card
On starting a track it should be listed under the ongoing track section
On completing a track it should be listed under the completed track option
On clicking the see more button I should see the listing of all the track in the relevant section
Existing Page
New Page
Learning Track
Tech Stack

Success metrics
Daily active users
Monthly active users
% users starting a track
Trade off
Although this revamp will provide a better structure to the practice page and will make it look less cluttered . However all the information won’t be visible to the user in a single view and user has to click on ‘See More’ option to view all the tracks.
To solve this issue, user should be asked to provide the details of the role and the topics they are interested in learning so that a personalized practice page can be created for the user.
Impact on company objective
This will lead to increase in user retention (objective 2)
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