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Interview Bit Assignment

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With soaring customer acquisition cost and the recent shift from growth to value based business models, word of mouth marketing will be the most crucial strategy for building product awareness. Depending only on WOM for an early stage startup is disastrous because first you need to onboard enough number of users for the viral loop to kick in.
However, with 300K MAU, the need of the hour for InterviewBit is to design worthy milestones in the learning journey of users and create enough push and pull mechanism so that more users share these milestones on Social Media and spread awareness about InterviewBit.
Linked is the most preferred medium for jobseekers to showcase their skills and recruiters to attract the right talent (). Hence the objective of this feature should be to make users share meaningful milestones on Linkedin. The language of the post should be such that it provides social validation to the existing users and the post viewers should develop understanding of InterviewBit offering
Present Scenario: Sharing option is available on InterviewBit. However it is limited to sharing of
Content (cheat sheet, tips etc)
Streak related data
These items are not inspiring enough and there is no incentive for users to share these information/achievement items. Moreover, these posts are not visually appealing and they are unable to communicate interviewBit positioning to the viewers.
Solution: To offer certificates to users on completion of meaning milestones. The certificates should be shareable on Linkedin and other social media websites. The sharing of certificates will lead to increase in awareness among our target audience
Feature for improving awareness
Track Completion Certificate
Use Case
As a user, I should get a certificate on completing learning tracks so that I can share my achievements on social media
Pre requisite
System should be able to track user’s progress and mark completion for each of the learning track
Users should be able to link their linkedin, facebook, twitter account from interviewBit website
Acceptance criterion
User should see the collect certificate option at the end of each learning track
Collect certificate button should be enabled only after completing the entire track
User should be able to access the certificate on clicking the collect certificate button
User should be able to share the certificate from the certificate page
There should be a collect certificate button after the end of each learning track. The button should be enabled only after the user has attempted all the questions from all the levels. On clicking the Collect certificate button, the certificate page should open in the new tab. The certificate page should have the option to share certificate on linkedin (most prominent) and on other social media websites like twitter, facebook and gmail User should be awarded 10 coins for sharing certificate on Linkedin
Success metrics
Total number of certificates generated per users
Total number of certificates shared per user
Trade Off and feature roadmap
Having only completion certificates might demotivate the users to focus on learning as they are being incentivized for completing the tracks. Hence based on the success of this feature, different versions of the certificate should be created:
Proficiency Certificates: These certificates should be awarded based on the learners score in the learning track for example exemplary performance certificate for scoring > 80% score
Mastery Certificates: These certificates should be awarded on completing say 100 days of consistent practice or 100 hours of coding etc.
Interms of value, mastery certificate>proficiency certificate>completion certificate

There should be a “Wall of fame” section where all these certificates will be listed and user should clearly see the qualifying criterion for thee certificates
Impact on company objective
More awareness will lead to increase in company traffic (objective -1)
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