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Interview Bit Assignment

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The majority of candidates are not aware if they are ready for a job interview or not. To gauge this, most candidates either take help of their peers and do mock interviews or they appear in actual interviews, waste their opportunity with the potential employers, only to realise that they need to be interview ready for their next opportunity
Present Scenario: InterviewBit existing campaigns and backlinks are focussed on attracting traffic that is looking for company specific interview questions aand topic specific questions.
Solution: The idea here is to create landing pages for users to gauge their interview preparedness. User should be asked to attempt a diagnostic test after providing their details. Based on the test results, weak candidates should be pitched scalar courses, decent candidates should be asked to practice more questions on the platform and candidates who have performed exceptionally well should be asked to appear for the interview
This will not only divert more traffic on website but will drive revenue through purchase of scalar courses.
Feature for improving Acquisition
Diagnostic test to check interview preparedness
Use Case
As a user, I should be able to attempt a diagnostic test after filling a signup form
As a user, I should get recommendation based on my performance after completing the diagnostic test
Pre requisite
Ability to use a signup form on the landing page
Ability to store user’s data of the diagnostic test
Topic, company and role wise tagging exists for questions
user flow
Students scoring >80% marks will be categorized as high achievers Students scoring <50% marks will be categorized as weak Remaining students will be categorized as average The scoring logic should be same as that used for scoring different levels
Acceptance criterion
User should be able to start the test after filling the signup form
User should be able to provide all their details in the signup form
User should be able to submit their responses for th diagnostic test
User should be able to check report on completion of the diagnostic test
Landing Page
Test Report (for high achievers and average students)

Test Report (for weak students)
Success metrics
# of successful signups
% signups coming from the landing page
% form completions on the landing page
% test completions
% users purchasing scalar courses after from the test report
% users accessing the learning tracks from the test report
Impact on company objective
Better acquisition will lead to increase in overall website traffic (objective 1) Diagnostic based upsell will lead to increase in high quality leads and scalar revenue (objective 3)
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