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This project kicks off content creation for Copilot. This article is intended for use as SEO content and sales collateral.

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Title: How to build successful sales enablement metrics
1-sentence description: The best sales enablement leaders use metrics to demonstrate the business impact of their initiatives.
Target Audience: Head of Sales Enablement
Word Count: 2100 - 2400 words
CTA: Contact us ( to learn more about building metrics that demonstrate the impact of your enablement initiatives.

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sales enablement metrics
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Meta Description

Successful sales enablement metrics can help leaders show exactly how their initiatives drive business impact.

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This is the main concept that we want to emphasize. Because so many moving variables are involved in top-level business KPIs, it can be difficult for sales enablement to credibly distinguish their impact from that of the rest of the organization. We ultimately arrived at the same conclusion as the author of the above article.

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