Holiday Survival Template

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I Will Survive Holidays 2020

How to use this doc

To Do List & Calendar

Step 1: Define your “To Do” Categories
Visit the page to add the types of things you’ll be spending time on. Think in terms of larger categories of work. The Activity Type page already has some examples. If you want to add more, just click ‘+ New Row’ at the bottom of the table. It’s important to think of your superset of activities, so you can see how all of your plans in sum might make more or less doable.
Step 2: Plot your “To Dos”
Use the page to add items you want to do. I found it handy to scratch things out on a note pad by hand before adding to this table. You’ll want to make sure to classify each activity into one of the categories above and set a date on which you think you’ll accomplish the activity.
A few notes on this page:
The table is automatically sorted by date, so when you start assigning dates, you might see it auto-sort your rows for you!
I recommend familiarizing yourself with if you’ve added categories beyond what already exists on the page. Formatting the Activity name based on the category will come in very helpful on the next step.

Step 3: Manage your calendar
Use the page to see how you’ve stacked your days with activities. Are you trying to watch 3 movies in the same day (noble, but maybe you want to save a movie for later) you want to workout, purge your closet and cook a nine-course meal? That might . . . not be possible!
Simply drag an activity between dates to automatically update the date in the calendar and your original table.
You can open any event from the calendar view to mark it as “done,” or you can use the page to mark things done. It just feels good to check things as done. Do it. Love it. Thrive.

Thank You Notes

Keep track of who gives you holiday gifts (and what they gave you) so you can knock out those thank you notes on the page. Just click the ‘Add a Thank You’ button, add their name and what you’re thankful for, and then click outside the little window to save your new entry.
Check the “Done” box after you’ve written and delivered your note.


Keep track of your holiday shopping budget and package delivery on the tab. Click the blue button to add a new gift. Gifts will automatically be grouped by recipient, and your running total spent will update automatically.
You can use this table to (1.) plan gifts, (2.) mark when you’ve purchased gifts, and (3.) confirm their delivery.

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