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Build your own data-verse

Build your own data-verse

I am an

I find it very hard to move forward when solving a problem until I have a mental picture of all the moving parts and how they relate. This often leads to much scribbling and crossing out and drawing of boxes and arrows, and strange symbols and notations that make sense when I write them and are completely opaque the next day when I need them!

Working with Coda has been a fantastic mental trainer for me - you have to actually put stuff in tables and then use formulas to pull out the right bits in the right places in the right relations to the right other bits. For a highly abstract set of tools, it forces you to be very
which provides some very important discipline to your thinking. You can fool yourself into believing you understand things when you write notes and sketch diagrams, but when the information you are working with comes “alive” and has to interact to produce the correct results, well... it better be organized, and organized right!

This tool is designed to help me with my problems (/with my OCD mind?) finding structure in data. It (hopefully) will help with finding the structure that exists in the world that you need to understand to organize and manipulate data to represent it. Or it may help you find the order you want to impose on the world in order to be more effective. Either way, I hope it is useful.

How it works:

You can use this doc to construct the rules of your own little universe - the place you plan to use Coda to observe or control. It is designed to help you brainstorm the conceptual structure of your domain, and help you get down the information you might need to help you decide how to set up your tables, look-ups and so on.

1: The concepts:

2: An example:

3: Future Development:

If you just want to get started, go to:

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