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Processing my inbox slow because I can’t remove the item from the inbox and continue to the next from the detail view. I need to do it from the detail view because I’m often interactive with the item (e.g. responding to a comment).
Something similar to Gmail’s “Archive and Next” function (pressing Y while looking at a message). The tricky bit is that you’ll need to retain the context of being in the inbox, which isn’t the case right now. One way to think of it is for tasks to receive a quasi user-specific “Inbox” tag that you’re clearing with the Y key.
Nice to have
Command K: confusing that searching for an issue or a project is contextual to the last team I was in
Include all projects/teams all the time? Might be reasons that can’t work - if so, maybe at least show me somewhere in the UI my current team context?
Nice to have
Can’t resize inline images
Coda has a nice implementation where you can resize and then click an overlay button to view a full resolution version in a lightbox modal
Nice to have
Hard to scan priorities from icon
Want higher contrast or different colored priority icons
Project Details calculations include tasks we don’t need to finish for the Project to be complete, e.g. “Icebox” tasks
Let me exclude certain statuses or priorities from that calculation (maybe on a team level, not a project level)
Nice to have
No quick global issue/project search (that spans across teams)
Some option via command+K to search all issue names and immediately jump to one. / is slow because you can’t immediately jump to the result that you’re looking for.
Painful to not have
Per-person "Progress on effort” in cycles is too prominent. Concern is that it might make people feel bad if they’re falling behind. In reality, these numbers reflect a person’s progress on their own point estimates... so the numbers aren’t directly comparable between individuals anyway.
Option to turn off the individual “% of effort”
"My Issues” doesn’t include tasks I need to “Verify” (done)
More control over customizing “My issues”
Painful to not have
Mouse navigation buttons don’t work in the desktop app
Would be nice to be able to use the dedicated back/forward buttons on my mouse to navigate back/forward pages in the app (as I can in a browser).
Nice to have
Add subscribers to template
Nice to have
I would like to be able to open an issue side-by-side with the list of issues to see all its content (including comments) and be able to edit it without losing sight of where I am in the list view. This would help quickly process down a list of issues without constantly switching between list view and details view. The preview mode helps a bit, but doesn't show comments nor allow editing.
Can’t automatically set due dates to reflect our SLAs based on priority
Allow automatically setting a due date if certain values are assigned to an issue (such as P1 Bug)
Nice to have
Can’t copy images. on web, the option to copy throws an error, in the app, it just copies text that reads “image.png”
make the copy option work as expected, and likely intended.
Nice to have
Can’t move images around in a text area. there is UI that indicated this is possibly intended to work while dragging... but nothing happens
make the behavior match the affordances in the UI while dragging.
Nice to have
Can’t cut or select images inside a textarea
allow me to select images in a text area by clicking or highlighting them, and make normal copy/cut/paste behaviors work.
Nice to have
Can’t predict the order in which images are attached unless they are attached one... at... a... time. when selecting two or more images to attach at once, it will first populate the text field in some unpredictable order, and then once the images are “uploaded”, they re-order themselves.
just honor the order the images are selected in when uploading them
Nice to have
Can’t copy and paste a @mention in a comment. pasting removes the mention part. if all of the issues around images were resolved, this would be a ‘nice to have’, without them, it’s ‘painful’
allow me to copy/paste the mention
Painful to not have
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