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Export to Word Pro User Guide

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Setup Guide

Set-up Steps

NOTE: If you want the buttons in this tutorial doc to work for you, you must first copy this doc and start a free trial of the pack.
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1. Install Export to Word Pro Pack

2. Create a template doc

Set up your docx file exactly how you’d like it to look, but rather than putting values in the variable locations, use one of the 3 types of tags (placeholder, conditional and loop). Placeholder tags consist of a variable name surrounded by curly braces (eg: {Customer Name}). Conditional tags consist of an opening tag and closing tag surrounding the content you want to display conditionally (eg: {#tagName}Conditionally show this{/tagName}). Loop tags also consist of an opening and closing tag, but can contain other tags inside them which will be different for each loop (eg: {#loop}{listItem}{/loop}). For help building out your template see our .

3. Upload template doc to Coda

Upload your template doc to a Coda table with a “File” column type (see example in ).
Sample Templates

4. Build your “Generate Word Doc” button

In this pro version of the pack there are two formulas to chose from: GenerateWordDoc and GenerateDocFromJSON. If your template includes loop tags, you will have to use the GenerateDocFromJSON formula. Otherwise, you can use the simpler GenerateWordDoc formula. Select the formula you need below to view the remaining set-up steps:

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