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MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT Courses for free. Study up..
Lec 1 | MIT 3.091SC Introduction to Solid State Chemistry, Fall 2010
Quick tutorials on how to use the completely free computer graphics editing software Blender. Both entertaining and informative, targeted at somewhat experienced blender users, but since they are also entertaining, anyone can watch them.
IPhone 13 - how i did the thing.
Default Cube
CG Matters other channel. More fast and entertaining Blender tutorials.
objects... now in 360!
Ben Felix
A channel about investing where they look at studies in an attempt to better understand how the average person should invest if they want to maximize their gains. Also runs a podcast called the rational reminder.
The Truth About Day Trading
General sciency entertainment. Fun and informative.
This is why we can't have nice things
Captain Disillusion
History and technical background on movie production and special effects. Debunks fake videos. The back to the future special is really good. Has a Bill Nye the science guy vibe.
CD / Intro
CGP Grey
General science, history and other intellectual stuff. High quality content.
Metric Paper
Medlife Crisis
A doctor who talks about issues faced in the medical field among other things. Great stuff.
Does Cupping Work? Doc vs The Rock - Pseudoscience Royal Rumble!
Random tutorials on programming. A lot of stuff in pything. Stuff on machine learning, sentiment analysis, computer vision etc.
Autoencoders in Python with Tensorflow/Keras
Tech Ingredients
This dude is crazy, and he makes a lot of outlandish claims, but he also does drop some real information. I now know how to make high explosives because of him... Thanks! I am probably on a list now.
Making Flavored Rum | Easy and Cheap! - Part 1
Extra Credits
Extra Credits is a great channel for getting ideas about ‘game design’. Not from a technical perspective, but from a design perspective. They ask questions about why games make the choices they do, and talk about the ramifications of those choices. A lot of this applies to things beyond games. They also do Extra Credits History which is interesting as well.
Diegetic UI - Realistic, or Distracting? - Extra Credits
Sciency entertainment
How Does NASA Practice Landing on the Moon? - Smarter Every Day 252
Trent Kaniuga
Dude worked for blizzard for a while. Great artist, has a series for teaching drawing. If you want to learn how to draw using photoshop and a drawing tablet, this is probably the guy you want to follow. Though I would say you don’t want his videos, you want his classes on gumroad.
Trent's Toolbox EP 3 - How To Paint The Male Body
Steve Ramsden
Does a lot of tutorials on how to do certain video editing tricks using Adobe After Effects. Cool. Very cool if you are into video editing.
How to ADD YOURSELF into movies | After Effects actor replacement tutorial
Casey Faris
Teaches you how to use Resolve, a free video editing software.
RESOLVE 17 CRASH COURSE - Davinci Resolve 17 Walkthrough [BEGINNER]
In The Mix
Teaches how to use FL studio for music production. FL studio is not ‘free’, but it is worth the price of entry. I use it on every project where I need to alter sound. A little complicated to learn though. This guy helps reduce that difficulty a bit.
Sound Design and Synth Fundamentals
Mr. Beat
History, politics. Attempts to be unbiased. Dad jokes.
What Really Caused the Great Depression?
TheCrafsMan SteadyCraftin
Fun and informative about different ‘crafty’ processes for fabrication.
Let's try airbrushing. Why was I afraid of this mess?
The Game Theorists
I love games, but I would be into more real world game theories. Here is hoping he does more of those.
Game Theory: Logan Paul's FIXED Fight (Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather)
Basically Homeless
Combining my love of video games and my love of hacking together technology. Very funny on top of everything else.
Can They Defeat My Homemade Virus?
J.J. McCullough
An interesting dude. A Canadian Journalist. Long form videos and very much opinion based, but seems pretty knowledgeable.
A History of Caricature: the Art of Exaggeration
ScienceClic English
VIsualizations of general relativity among other things. Does a good job of explaining the subject. Best I have seen anyways.
A new way to visualize General Relativity
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