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LAUNCH Accelerator

We Back Builders

LAUNCH selects a cohort of 7-14 startups twice per year. Founders receive personalized growth coaching and fundraising support and meet hundreds of investors over 14 weeks.


Cohort #32: Summer 2024
Cohort #33: Fall 2024

How it Works

The Full Stack

The LAUNCH Accelerator selects 7 startups for each cohort. Over 15 weeks, the founders meet 300+ investors and learn growth strategies. The ideal stage for our Accelerator is pre-Series A with some traction (we call this our "Goldilocks Zone”). Generally speaking, this means:
1. Enterprise/marketplace startups: $2k+ in MRR with 20%+ growth m/o/m
2. Consumer products: 3k+ DAUs with 5%+ w/o/w growth.
3. Deep-tech startups: an MVP or prototype and a strong technical team.

How to Get in

Just what are we looking for?

The LAUNCH team selects founders who execute at a high level in markets that are important. We look for world-class product design, traction, revenue, and technical execution. Said simply, people with skills and products that people love. We seek individuals who are deeply passionate and who possess a tremendous work ethic.

Perfect Timing

What stage should my startup be in?

All of the founders we accept have a product in market, with traction and revenue. We do not invest in business plans, decks, or ideas -- ever. Occasionally we will accept a wildcard who has an MVP with only little traction.



Why go to the LAUNCH Accelerator?

Raise money faster.
Raise money at a higher valuation.
Build a huge Silicon Valley network quickly and efficiently from anywhere in the world.
Be part of the LAUNCH family, getting access to fellow founders at your stage who can help you grow your business.
Perfect your pitch for investors, recruiting, and press.
Learn the strategies, tips, and tactics, from the world's best companies to help you grow as quickly and pain-free as possible.
Prioritized speaking opportunities at LAUNCH (, , etc.)

What criteria do you use to select your companies?

Our “Golidlocks Zone” is Builder founding teams with a product in market and paying users.

What are the Program Sessions Like?

WEEK 1 : Orientation. LAUNCH Accelerator (LA) founders prep with Managing Director on product pitches and program goals.
WEEK 2: Founders workshop their presentations with Jason Calacanis and LAUNCH Team.
WEEKS 3-14: Fundraising & growth intensive.
Fundraising: Founders pitch weekly to a new group of investors in the following format:
3-minute pitch, including growth metric slides.
Investors give feedback and ask questions.
Founder has 2 minutes to address questions and feedback from investors.
Investors choose top 3. Winners announced.
Investors and founders network in breakout rooms.
Growth: Biweekly jam sessions on topics such as accounting, legal, sales, customer retargeting, marketing, financial modeling, storytelling, customer success, and more. Partnership with includes enrollment in Mastering Growth, which is free for accelerator founders and teaches the ways to drive sustainable growth and how to develop your own playbook.
WEEK 15-16: Public Demo Day (virtual).
WEEKS 17-52: Founders have monthly check-ins with the LAUNCH Team to update on progress and brainstorm fundraising and growth challenges.
We advise and assist our founders in raising money during and after the Accelerator. Some founders will raise their targeted capital before the end of the 16-week portion, others will complete within 6-12 months.

What are the deal terms?

We invest $100,000 cash for 6%, via a convertible note. We don’t negotiate the terms for LAUNCH Accelerator due to the immense value the program creates. If the terms work for you, great! If they don’t, when you hit $20k/month+ in gross profit for 3+ months, growing at 15%+ m/o/m, we might want to invest via .
Anytime before or after you graduate, should you meet the syndicate requirements, we can syndicate your deal for another $250k-$500k (or more). We cannot guarantee the syndicate amount. The result of this model is that we signal to the market that we are willing to invest at your “graduation valuation,” which is a very good signal!

Does LAUNCH follow on after the accelerator?

LAUNCH has the option to invest $500,000 or up to half of the next round of funding in all accelerator startups. One or two startups coming out of each class elects to defer fundraising or raise a modest round, in which case we will do our pro rata or support the founder in the future. We may elect to skip over a round if growth is not demonstrable.

Is LAUNCH an accelerator (Like Y Combinator & Techstarts), a seed fund (like Cowboy Ventures & Homebrew), or a Syndicate (like Angellist)?

Yes! We are all three by design. Our goal is to invest in founders and their startups three to four times along their journey from accelerator to seed round and into their Series A and sometimes even their Series B. We also love to invest in founders over the life of their careers, like we did when we invested in Rahul for Rapportive (2010) and Superhuman (2015).

Does launch have a target ownership percentage in accelerator startups?

Yes, our goal is to have 10%-15% ownership in the top 10% of startups in our portfolio over time — but we won't let that stop us from partnering with a great founder. Our goal is to be the best investor and partner you have, not only for this startup but over your entire entrepreneurial career. Our founders tell us that the earlier rounds of funding are brutally hard and the later ones are easy, so we typically see ourselves participating in three or four rounds of funding, which increases our ownership from six percent to ten or higher. (Again, we're not obsessed with it since we owned well under 1% of Uber and that worked out well.)

How many of our team would need to participate in the program?

At least one founder from the team needs to be present for each session. (Co/founders can alternate if desired.)
We welcome additional team members to join us and believe our program is a good time to involve the entire team. Ultimately, we leave this up to you.

We’ve already received funding, are we still qualified to apply?

Yes! Most of our startups have already raised an angel and/or seed round. The LAUNCH Accelerator only accepts seven startups per class. This allows us to be very selective in picking startups that are on solid footing and whose founders can leverage our program to get a solid seed or Series A.

Can I be an LLC and come to the LAUNCH Accelerator?

No. One of the main goals of the LAUNCH Accelerator is to have you pitch to hundreds of investors over 14 weeks. Most investors never invest in LLCs because of tax issues. LLCs are great vehicles for legal and venture partnerships, but they are not the standard for venture-backed startups. A Delaware C Corp is the standard. The LAUNCH Fund only invests in Delaware C Corps as well. You can still apply to the Accelerator if you are a non-Delaware C Corps or LLC but we expect the conversion to Delaware C Corps to happen before the start of the program.

Will you invest in international companies?

Yes. We have founders who have gone through the Accelerator from all around the world. As stated above, however, we expect all startups to be Delaware C Corps by the start of the program. (Often, founders will keep their original entity as a subsidiary of the US Delaware C Corps parent company and that entity will continue to operate.)

I have a great idea, but I haven’t built an MVP. Can I still apply?

If you just have an idea, you’re too early for the Accelerator. A prototype is worth a thousand powerpoint slides -- build one! And please apply to our 12-week course, which will help you! (We invest $25k into top companies graduating from 12-week Founder University.)

Do you have specific verticals that you focus on?

We are vertical agnostic. We look for founders who can execute well, with delighted customers, and in big markets. Our “core five” business models we focus on are: marketplaces, SaaS, Fintech, AI, and Consumer Subscription.

How does LAUNCH deal with competitive companies? Do you offer exclusivity by category?

While we would not place competitors in the same cohort, occasionally, competitors emerge within the wider LAUNCH portfolio. For example, a startup might pivot its focus or business model to become competitive with a company with which it had not been previously. Sometimes multiple founders in our portfolio will add similar features during the same time period (think crypto, AI, audio, etc.). When this happens we put a different investment partner on each startup and, obviously, we never share information between our founder partners.

When are the next cohorts?

January 2024
Spring 2024


Mehak Right size.png

Mehak Vohra

CEO & Founder,
Cohort: LAUNCH 20

LAUNCH has been a fundamental part of SkillBank's growth over the last couple of years. The rigorous pitching process the program provides helped me define what investors actually want to see when they are hearing my story. Jacqui and the rest of the LAUNCH team were there when I needed them, and provided me the support to make sure I was making the right decisions. By the time we completed LAUNCH SkillBank's first round was oversubscribed by $400k and we received a valuation cap $3M over what we were originally expecting.

Brandon Brown

CEO & Co-founder,
Cohort: LAUNCH 9
LAUNCH was the critical partner that got us networked in the Bay Area venture ecosystem. Jason is a force and once he backs you, doors open. Since LAUNCH we've rapidly grown ARR while raising multiple rounds of funding from top-tier VCs on competitive terms. I would highly suggest partnering with LAUNCH if you're interested in dominating the high-growth world of startups and becoming the category leader in your industry

Crystal Etienne

CEO & Founder,
Cohort: LAUNCH 9

The LAUNCH program was definitely designed for the serious Founder ready for hyper-growth and that next level funding in their startup journey. Jason is the best Angel in tech. His no-nonsense, love of start-ups, along with, clear and precise feedback about your company and growth allows you to quickly figure out your defining purpose and winning pitch. His network is years of relationship-building that you get access to instantaneously. The LAUNCH team is also amazing and always readily available to help with small to large issues. LAUNCH is definitely the REAL DEAL.

Evan Zhou

CEO & Co-founder,
Cohort: LAUNCH 8
Being a part of the LAUNCH Accelerator gave us access to a huge network of investors, founders, and operators that we never would’ve met. We knew how to build our company, but through the program, we learned how to communicate that to investors and close our seed round.


Ben Seidl

CEO & Founder,
Cohort: LAUNCH 12
LAUNCH fundamentally changed our business for the better. We went from a small team, growing revenue slowly and steadily, to a thriving and expanding startup. The experience of going through the LAUNCH accelerator was life-changing as a founder, and game-changing for our business.

Taylor Monks

CEO & Co-Founder,
Cohort: LAUNCH 16
Being from outside the Bay Area, LAUNCH gave us immediate access to the best of the best. We had 100+ portfolio companies actually leaning into us, helping us learn what mattered and how to raise serious money from some of the best VCs in SF. Jason and his team changed the way we built our business and connected us with founders and investors who actually pull you further, faster.

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