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Rein Entertainment Standards Manual

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Brand DNA

Rein’s Vision

Rein Entertainment is a Filipino content creation and production company that produces engaging stories that inspire conversation and resonate with the audience of today.
Since its inception in 2017, Rein Entertainment has produced critically acclaimed narrative series and movies that have served as pioneers in global platforms such as Netflix, WeTV, and iFLIX. From the socio-political thriller Bagman, to the LGBTQ+ themed romantic comedy Betcin, Rein continues to push narratives towards real Filipino stories and representation - immersing viewers into the unseen, underrepresented, and uncomfortable.
As storytellers, Rein invites everyone to look a little deeper - reining in our vision beyond shallow narratives and towards the truths of today.

Who We Are

Daring to go deeper
The company is founded by Shugo Praico, Lino Cayetano and Philip King, veterans from the industry who have collectively been working in Philippine mainstream Film and Television for over 30 years. As individuals, they have developed, written, directed and been involved in some of the biggest hits in local Film and Television.
Aligned with Rein’s philosophy, the whole company strives to create a deeper impact within the film industry from both the front and back-end. This means empowering the entire film crew - from the talents to the production assistants - with a safe space and proper benefits to do their best work.
It is Rein’s commitment to push the industry forward and create stories of impact from every end of production.

About Rein

"I want to see my reality on screen."
Rein is an independent entertainment company dedicated to creating original, inspiring film content for the modern Filipino. We tackle contemporary issues through stories of depth that represent unseen realities of our society and spark new conversations.
Through stories, Rein allows us to reflect on ourselves and our state.

Brand Values

Inspiring Conversations

Daring to Go Deeper

Empowering Creativity


Unique Selling Proposition

Core Purpose

To create engaging entertainment that inspires conversation and resonates with today's audience

What makes us different?

Rein's narratives are loaded with depth.
Rein’s scripts provides commentaries layered with relevant social and political issues, while characters are fully fleshed out and realized - stemming from the founders' experience creating long-term narrative build-up for series.
Rein creates worlds people can immerse in.
The depth of Rein’s stories translates to the worlds that they build on screen. From the dialogue of the character’s to the set-designs the cast interacts with, to merch produced outside the show, every touchpoint of the show is made with intention.
Creative empowerment is at the heart of Rein.
Rein’s operations serve to empower every creative on set - from the actors, to the camera crew, to the production staff and grips - to film freely and to the best of their abilities.
What value do we provide?
Polished and Collaborative Process
Professional process with clear alignment and expectations
Promoting a professional industry environment for ideas to foster
Deep Research and sensemaking
True to life depictions with scrips that have depth
Stories that reflect real life, as we see it. Stories that allow us to think
Proactively expanding portfolio of ideas
Variety of genre, themes and topics
Actively capturing the state of our current events
Relevant film subject manner
Representation of today
Inspiring conversation about resonant themes
Fair benefits and working conditions for the entire production crew
A healthy and supported production community and culture
Empowering the creative process and community. Influencing the standards of the industry
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