What is user experience (UX)?

Individual experience, or UX, is a term utilized to describe the total experience a customer has when engaging with a service or product in a given context. Depending upon just how the service or product is designed, the experience can vary from delightful to downright discouraging!
You'll typically become aware of UX in regard to digital products, such as internet sites and also applications - yet UX isn't restricted to the digital space. Anything that can be experienced can be developed, from the product packaging of a toothbrush to the wheels of an orthopaedic chair.
The effect of excellent (and negative!) UX is anywhere. That is just one of the reasons it's such an amazing field, as well as likewise explains why you currently understand a great deal extra concerning UX than you understand. Every single time you curse a push door that has a pull bar, or close a complicated website in aggravation, you're making a judgement on the top quality of its UX layout.
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