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The 100 Day Coding Challenge

Let's track 100 days of code in Coda
Throughout my 4 years in college, I took various courses that were related to business, finance, and strategy. I even took a few courses in which I learned about computer programming at a high level. I’ve always wanted to learn how to code at a deeper level, but I just never found a way to be organized and disciplined about my progress in coding.
I’d traditionally start learning about a few topics for a few days and then put it aside for week and then a week became a month, and a month became a year. Overall, I just needed a way to challenge myself and be consistent in this new skill I was trying to learn.

The Challenge

The 100 day coding challenge is a way for you to be consistent and disciplined in learning how to code. You can learn any of the programming languages at a proficient level in 100 days. This challenge is not only meant for beginners in code, but also for those who are experts in programming and want to develop additional skills in an area of expertise for coding (ex: styling of webpages in CSS).
On the page, you can keep track of your progress throughout the challenge. This doc allows you to document everything you do for each day, and you can even upload your code onto this doc to
keep track of how you’ve progressed over the 100 days. On the page, will be general highlights of how much you have done throughout your challenge as well as place to track your long term goals, such as coding a Coda Pack 🤯.


During the 100 days of code, you will also have the opportunity to hone your learned skills by doing various different projects in different programming languages. In the page, you can take a look at the different projects along with tutorial videos and also look at additional resources to find projects that you may be interested in doing.
Personally, during my 100 day challenge I’m going to take on the challenge of eventually coding the game of chess ♟️ in python.


Finally, there is also a compiled list of resources on how to learn to code on this doc. In the page, you can access different places to learn different languages at little to no cost. You can practical go from beginner to expert for FREE! Additionally, if you find other resources that you may like, you can also add them in to your list.

Happy Coding! 💻

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