Top GA4 Courses

Google Analytics 4 keeps evolving with cool new features offering an engaging experience for both beginners and experienced analysts.
Trying to learn through trial and error might be frustrating. That’s why we compiled a list of the top GA4 training courses and guides by reviewing a variety of options to save you time and effort.
The list has both free and paid resources to help you learn Google Analytics 4 from scratch to become an expert. Check out the best GA4 courses below.

GA4 Training []

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Perfect for people who want a quick and efficient way to learn about GA4. You'll be guided through step-by-step tutorials.
Here is a detailed overview of the course content:
Organic Search (SEO), Conversions, and Email Campaigns:
Lessons 1-3: Mastering GA4's SEO reports for insight, tracking diverse conversion types, and insights to boost email campaign effectiveness.
Google Ads and Ecommerce Analysis:
Lessons 4-6: Developing expertise in Google Ads PPC report management, monitoring '”Add to Cart” events, and interpreting ecommerce sales data for better performance & conversions.
Product Analysis and Moving from UA to GA4:
Lessons 7-9: Sharpening your focus on product and category analysis to refine advertising efforts, and navigating the shift from Universal Analytics to GA4, including audience and goal adjustments.
Advanced Reporting in GA4:
Lessons 10-12: Advanced exploration of Google Ads audiences in GA4, in-depth analysis of Google Ads campaign reports, and utilizing ecommerce data & reporting for better tracking.
Important GA4 Settings:
Lesson 13: Discovering essential GA4 configurations in detail to maximize its impact in your data analyses.
✖️Certification not included.
💵 Free resource.

Shopify GA4 Course [Analyzify]

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If you have linked Shopify to GA4 but haven't set up any settings yet, Analyzify has made a series of videos on YouTube that you can watch.
Here is a detailed breakdown of the lessons included in this course:
Lesson 1: Shopify & GA4: A Comprehensive Introduction
Get started with an introduction to Google Analytics 4 and its integration with Shopify. This initial lesson lays the groundwork for understanding GA4, which is essential for the entire course.
Lesson 2: Step-by-Step GA4 Ecommerce Tracking Setup
This lesson guides you through the process of implementing Google Analytics 4 ecommerce tracking on your Shopify store, ensuring you're equipped to effectively monitor key ecommerce metrics.
Lesson 3: Effective GA4 Setup with Analyzify
Discover how to swiftly set up GA4 on Shopify using Analyzify. This lesson focuses on achieving a complete and user-friendly ecommerce integration within a mere five minutes.
Lesson 4: Navigating the Switch to GA4
Vital for those transitioning from Universal Analytics, this lesson covers the migration of audiences, goals, and other elements to GA4, facilitating a seamless switch to the new platform.
Lesson 5: Solving GA4 Integration Problems
Encountered problems with the GA4 setup? This lesson delves into solving common integration challenges, particularly around ecommerce events, to ensure accurate analytics tracking.
Lesson 6: Mastering Key GA4 Settings
A detailed look at GA4's important settings. You'll be guided through vital configuration steps to fine-tune your GA4 setup for improved analytical insights.
Lesson 7: Discovering GA4 Ecommerce Reports
Learn to use GA4's ecommerce reports specifically designed for Shopify stores. This lesson teaches you how to utilize these reports to get valuable insights into your ecommerce performance.
Lesson 8: GA4 Integration Using Shopify's Native Method
The final lesson provides insights into setting up Google Analytics 4 on Shopify through the official integration approach, ensuring you can fully utilize GA4's features with Shopify.
✖️Certification not included.
💵 Free resource.

Google Analytics 4 Trainings [Google Skillshop]

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On Google Skillshop, Google offers a plenty of free resources made just for anyone who wants to use Google Analytics 4. For practice, you can also use a Google Analytics Demo account.
Let’s take a look at what you are offered:
Exploring Google Analytics 4 Properties (Optional)
This section is dedicated to the setup and organization of a GA4 property and explores the various reporting tools and features available.
Beginner's Guide to Navigating Google Analytics 4
Ideal for newcomers, this segment serves as an introduction to the world of Google Analytics. It's an excellent starting point for those new to analytics or those seeking a basic refresher.
Tailoring Google Analytics 4 for Your Business
Learn to adapt Google Analytics 4 to the specific needs of your business. In a comprehensive session lasting just over an hour, you'll understand how to align Google Analytics with your business goals and needs.
Analyzing Marketing Effectiveness with Google Analytics
Concentrate on assessing your marketing strategies through Google Analytics 4. This focused session provides guidance on how to monitor and interpret the performance of your marketing campaigns for improved outcomes.
Advanced Insights with Google Analytics 4 Data
Engage more deeply with your Google Analytics data. This section is designed to show you how to glean more sophisticated insights and apply them strategically to your business and marketing plans.
✅ Certification included.
💵 Free resource.

Master GA4 [CXL]

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Designed for individuals at all skill levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned GA4 experts, this comprehensive Google Analytics 4 (GA4) course spans over 30 hours, distributed across six courses featuring more than 100 bite-sized lessons.
Participants can access to every single course, delivered by several instructors, including Fred Pike and Chris Mercer.
Let’s take a look at what you are offered:
Course #1: Preparing for GA4 Implementation
This course provides guidance on developing a strategic GA4 implementation plan tailored to your business objectives. Learn to form a dedicated project team, design an effective implementation layer, and navigate common obstacles for a seamless transition to GA4.
Course #2: Google Analytics 4 – For Beginners
Beginning with fundamental concepts, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to GA4. Gain skills in tracking user acquisition, engagement, landing page performance, navigating GA4’s interface, customizing reports, and personalizing the GA4 home screen for specific business requirements.
Course #3: Google Analytics 4 – Intermediate
Building on foundational knowledge, this course delves into advanced GA4 features, including property setup, understanding Google Tag Manager, identifying and rectifying data inaccuracies, and enhancing data collection methodologies.
Course #4: Google Tag Manager
Explore the integration and utilization of Google Tag Manager with GA4. Learn about setting up various tracking types, from ecommerce enhancements to third-party script implementations, and organizing tags for additional tools like HotJar and Optimizely.
Course #5: GA4 Audit
This course equips you with the expertise to perform detailed GA4 audits. Focus on identifying and rectifying system flaws, making improvement recommendations, auditing data collection, ensuring privacy compliance, and fine-tuning integrations for increased data precision and reliability.
Course #6: Special Topics
Tackle intricate issues in GA4 and Google Tag Manager implementations. The course includes handling GA4 configuration tags, addressing click event tracking complexities, and collaborating with third-party vendors for effective interaction tracking.
Each course in this series provides thorough knowledge and hands-on skills crucial for successful GA4 implementation, bolstering your capacity to derive insightful, data-driven decisions.
✅ Certification included.
💵 €264.02 per month for a single user.

Google Analytics 4 Intermediate Course [CXL]

You may also explore CXL's Google Analytics 4 Intermediate course, a quick 5-hour program. In this course, you'll learn:
This course is made of 30 comprehensive lessons. Here is a quick look at the first 10:
Course Introduction
Tailored for GA4 implementers, administrators, and users seeking in-depth understanding. Establishing a GA4 Property.
Creating a GA4 Property
Guidance on setting up a GA4 property.
Adding GA4 Tracking
Exploring various methods to implement GA4 tracking on websites.
Adding GA4 to WordPress
Diverse approaches for incorporating GA4 into WordPress platforms.
Google Tag Admin Settings
Introduction to using Google Tag for GA4 installation.
Google Tag Part 2 - “Main” Settings
Examining primary configuration options in Google Tag.
Google Tag Part 3 – IP and Dev Filters
Exploring complex settings in Google Tag, including IP and development filters.
Google Tag Part 4 – Remaining Settings
Concluding the Google Tag setup process.
GA4 Enhanced Measurement Events
Analyzing and deciding on Enhanced Measurement Events in GA4.

You can click “LEARN MORE” below to discover more about what this course offers.
✅ Certification included.
💵 For €273.15 per user, you can jump into this training program right away and pick up practical skills to navigate GA4 with confidence. It’s a one-time fee.

GA4 for eCommerce Course [Kate Collinson]

Screen Shot 2023-11-26 at 13.34.42.png
The streaming video lessons total more than 5 hours and are designed for learners at all skill levels, from beginners to experts.
Here is a quick look at the course content:
GA4 Essentials: Introduction and Innovative Features
Begin with an overview of the course, the instructor's introduction, and the relevance of GA4 in eCommerce. Explore the novel aspects of GA4, including the event-driven data model, improved user ID tracking, and essential metrics.
Setting Up and Integrating GA4
Master the essential procedures for configuring GA4, encompassing store integration, setting customization, and linking with Google Tag Manager. Emphasize the significance of precise setup and discover GA4's advanced eCommerce functionalities.
Mastering Advanced Reporting and Analysis in GA4
Develop skills in handling diverse GA4 reports, such as real-time, user acquisition, engagement, and monetization. Investigate detailed analysis through exploration reports, focusing on segment overlap, purchase patterns, and conversion funnels.
Navigating GA4's Advertising, Attribution, and Custom Settings
Delve into sophisticated topics like advertising efficacy, attribution models, and custom settings in GA4. Explore cross-channel attribution, the utilization of custom events, and integration with BigQuery for more profound insights.
Data Backup and Actionable Analysis in GA4
Learn the process of backing up data from Universal Analytics and contrasting it with GA4 information. Acquire techniques for precise data analysis, reporting on relevant metrics, avoiding typical errors, and getting actionable insights for eCommerce success.
In addition, you will be given access to their current Google Looker Studio dashboards, which have been brought up to date specifically for this GA4 training.
✖️Certification not included.
💵 It can be purchased for $875, including lifetime access to all the resources.

GA4 Complete Course [Loves Data]

Screen Shot 2023-11-26 at 14.30.12.png
GA4 Complete Course provides a comprehensive understanding of Google Analytics 4. With 7 modules, this program incorporates video lessons, guided walk-throughs, quizzes, and practical exercises. Students can revisit lessons at their convenience, engage in discussions through a private forum.
Let’s see what this course provides:
Module 1: Essentials
Start by mastering the interpretation of metrics in Google Analytics and employing a measurement plan to align reports with your objectives. Gain insights into the importance of context in reporting, utilizing Google Analytics for analysis and optimization, and understanding the key distinctions between GA4 and Universal Analytics.
Module 2: Standard Reports
Enhance your knowledge of your audience, including their demographics and device preferences. This module teaches you to identify marketing channels, gauge website engagement, and report on conversions, providing a thorough assessment of your website and marketing strategies' effectiveness.
Module 3: Campaign Analysis
Learn the best practices for tracking and analyzing both organic and paid marketing campaigns. This module also includes integrating Google Ads with GA4 for detailed campaign reporting.
Module 4: Conversion Tracking and Analysis
Focus on identifying key conversions for your business, setting up conversion tracking, understanding conversion impacts, and exploring attribution in Google Analytics. This module also delves into ecommerce tracking for purchase analysis.
Module 5: Custom Reports
This module guides you in creating custom exploration reports, including formats such as free form, funnel, path, segment overlap, user explorer, cohort, and user lifetime analyses.
Module 6: Report Customization and Insights
Learn to customize standard reports and menus, create unique insights, understand metrics and dimensions, and analyze user behavior using custom audiences. The module also teaches how to develop custom dimensions and metrics.
Module 7: Advanced Analytics Techniques
Discover advanced practices for setting up and configuring Google Analytics, utilizing DebugView for testing, implementing filters, comprehending GA4's data model, and using Google Tag Manager. Additionally, learn about uploading custom data and tracking users across multiple devices.
✅ Certification included.
💵 The course fee is $225 for unlimited full access.

Google Analytics 4 Course 2.0 [AnalyticsMania]

Screen Shot 2023-11-26 at 14.45.04.png
This Google Analytics 4 Course ensures proficiency in analyzing and leveraging meaningful data, regularly updated with the latest insights.
Here is a detailed look at what Google Analytics 4 Course 2.0 by Analytics Mania offers:
Module 1 & 2: Strategic Analytics Planning and Setup
Begin by aligning your analytics strategy with business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). This is followed by a comprehensive overview of the GA4 interface, its administration panel, installation procedures for websites and apps, and key property configurations.
Module 3 & 4: Comprehensive Setup and Enhanced Data Tracking
Immerse in more complex setup processes, encompassing event and conversion tracking, and purchase monitoring. These modules also cover custom dimensions, metrics, and essential integrations with platforms like Google Ads and BigQuery.
Module 5: Adhering to Privacy Standards in GA4
Gain an understanding of GA4’s privacy controls, including consent management and modes, to ensure adherence to various privacy legislations.
Module 6 & 7: Master Reporting - Standard to Custom
Develop mastery in standard reporting with key metrics, then progress to crafting custom reports. This includes learning about segments, funnels, and cohort analyses within explorations.
Module 8 & 9: Marketing Campaign Analysis and Funnel Tracking
Acquire skills to analyze marketing initiatives, understand different attribution models, and delve into funnel tracking to identify and address points of conversion leakage.
Module 10 & 11: Data Accuracy and Getting Insights
Focus on comprehending the intricacies of data accuracy in GA4, including concepts like cardinality and estimation. Learn to analyze various aspects of a website to pinpoint areas for improvement and revenue generation opportunities.
Bonus Module: Additional GA4 Insights and Migration Tips
Benefit from additional material that includes detailed instructions on transitioning from Universal Analytics to GA4 and strategies for effective data import.
This course may not be suitable for individuals seeking to delve into BigQuery integration with GA4 or for those who are already experienced GA4 users.
✅ Certification included.
💵 There’s one-time fee of $499. Additionally, there's a bundle offer that includes this course along with a GTM program for beginners, available for $649.

YouTube Tutorials on GA4 [Google Analytics Academy]

Screen Shot 2023-11-26 at 15.23.10.png
If you're looking for a free and easy way to learn about GA4, the official Google Analytics Academy YouTube channel might be just what you need. These video tutorials will teach you everything you need to know about how GA4 works. They are perfect for people who are just starting out.
This set of tutorials is made of 15 actionable YouTube videos. Here’s a short look at the first ten:
Lesson 1: Welcome to the Google Analytics Tutorials
Here, you learn about the basics of the course in general in addition to what you can expect. Also, you get to know some of the important features that GA4 provides, such as events, conversions, audiences, and more.
Lesson 2: Get Started with Google Analytics
In this lesson, you discover how to create a GA4 property and what you need to do so you can make sure your website sends data to Google Analytics 4.
Lesson 3: Measure User Activity with Recommended Events in Google Analytics
You explore details about events & how they work in Google Analytics. Also, you learn how to start collecting a recommended event that is not automatically collected by GA4, using Google Tag Manager.
Lesson 4: Custom Events in Google Analytics
Discover how you can start tracking events that are specific to your business and check out the related sections in order to understand if it works.
Lesson 5: Custom Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics
Here, you learn about the terms “dimensions” and “metrics” in detail. Then, you explore how to create custom dimensions and metrics to get more insights & information about your data.
Lesson 6: Conversions in Google Analytics
A general overview of conversions in GA4, along with what seperates a conversion and an event. Then, you learn how to mark an event as conversion.
Lesson 7: Introduction to Audiences in Google Analytics
Here, you learn details about how the Audiences feature works and how you can create an audience based on different conditions in Google Analytics 4. This way, you can better understand & analyze user behavior.
Lesson 8: Set Up Consent Mode in Google Analytics
Discover all about the consent mode and how it works. Then, learn how you can implement consent mode so you can communicate the users' consent status to Google.
Lesson 9: Demo Account in Google Analytics
An overview of the Google Analytics demo account, which shows you how to access and use the two properties in the Google Analytics demo account so you can use it to experiment with GA4 features.
Lesson 10: Troubleshooting in Google Analytics
Here, you explore tools that you can use to validate that you are collecting data. In addition, you learn how to debug and fix tracking problems in your GA4 setup.
✖️Certification not included.
💵 Free resource.
Getting the hang of GA4 and its always-changing features can be a bit tricky. It's not just about knowing GA4’s interface, but you also need to figure out how to generate insightful reports with GA4, optimize your ROI, and monitor your website's performance in an efficient and effective way.
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