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Shopify Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Guidebook
Shopify Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Guidebook

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Chapter 4: Migration from Universal Analytics to GA4

Unfortunately there isn’t any one-click or automatic Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 migration options. It requires manual effort and attention to detail. However, some assets can be migrated directly.

GA4 Migration demands careful attention and expertise due to its technical nature. Choose Analyzify’s Add-on for a hassle-free, expert-managed solution, or use our in-depth guides prepared by our skilled team to assist you in the process.

In addition to our guides, we have created a comprehensive YouTube video that walks you through the entire migration process step-by-step. You can watch the YouTube video by visiting the following link:

Learn more about Analyzify’s offer below or jump into the following sections for Do-It-Yourself guides.

Done-For-You UA to GA4 Migration

Analyzify offers the UA to GA4 Migration Add-on to simplify your shift from UA to GA4.


Along with our Shopify app, the UA to GA4 Migration Add-on is your key to an effortless shift from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. This service facilitates the import of Audiences and Goals from UA while ensuring GA4 is set up with the correct settings and reports.

Importing Audiences from UA

If you’ve been using Audiences in Universal Analytics(UA), you can migrate them to GA4 using Google’s official migration tool. However, it’s important to note that not all audiences can be migrated, depending on their specific rules. For a detailed guide on how to migrate your audiences, you can refer to our in-depth tutorial.

Step 1

GA4 Migrator for Google Analytics


Visit to install the official Google Sheet Add-on. Click “GA4 Migrator for Google Analytics”

Step 2

Install the app

Click “Install” on the GA4 Migrator Google App page, and then select “Continue” to provide permission.

Step 3

Choose an account


Authenticate with your Google Account. Please note that this account needs to have access to both Universal Analytics and GA4 properties.

Step 4

Trust GA4 Migrator

Click “Allow” after you authenticate with your account, then click “DONE” once it’s installed.

Step 5

Create a new Google Sheet


Now you need to create a new Google Sheet. You can , or Click “Create a new Google Sheet” on the help document.

Step 6

Migrate audience definitions

You will find the tool under “Extensions”. It might take some time to appear here. Reload the page if you don’t see it. Later on, find and click “Migrate audience definitions to GA4”.

Importing-audiences-UA-GA4-migration-8 (1).jpg
Step 7

Import Audiences from Universal Analytics

A sidebar will open automatically. You need to choose your Google Analytics account and Universal Analytics Property. Click “Import Audiences from Universal Analytics” button.
The button might seem disabled in the beginning. You can wait some time and try re-choosing your property if it doesn’t work.
Step 8

Select all migratable audiences

Not all audiences are migratable. You will see the details in the sheet. Click “Select all migratable audiences” and click Continue.

Step 9



Make sure that migratable audiences are selected. Later on, choose your GA4 property and then click “Migrate”.

Step 10

Migration complete

You will get a notification once this is completed successfully. Click “Ok” and visit Google Analytics 4 to double check.

Step 11

GA4 Property


Find your GA4 property and click.

Step 12


Click Admin from the bottom left corner, then find “Audiences” under the “Property” column.

Step 13

See your migrated audience


You must be seeing your newly migrated audiences here.

Importing Goals from UA

Goals from Universal Analytics(UA) can be directly imported into Google Analytics 4 as Conversions. Unlike the migration of audiences, this process doesn’t require an external tool or sheet add-on. You can import Goals directly using the GA4 Setup Assistant in the Google Analytics Admin section.
For a step-by-step guide on how to import your Goals, follow our tutorial.

Step 1

Navigate to GA4


Visit your and click “Admin” at the bottom left.

Step 2

Setup Assistant

Choose “Setup Assistant” in the middle column under the “Property” section.

Step 3

Set up conversions


Find “Set up conversions” and click on the arrow.

Step 4

Import from UA

Click “Import from Universal Analytics”.

Step 5

Import selected goals


Your “Goals” will be listed here. Click “Import selected conversions” to import them into GA4. Most Shopify merchants will see “Purchase” and other manually created Goals here.

Step 6


Reload the page and Double-check if your conversions are correctly imported.


Using GA4 Conversions in Google Ads

Google Ads allows you to import Goals from Universal Analytics as Google Ads Conversions. However, once Universal Analytics stops processing data, this functionality will cease. To prepare for this change, make sure you’re not using Universal Analytics Goals as your primary conversion.

Instead, import conversions from GA4 and use them as secondary conversions.
✔️ For primary conversions, use the Google Ads Tag and ideally Enhanced conversions. Analyzify offers robust conversion tracking for Shopify merchants, ensuring you have the most accurate data for your ad campaigns.

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