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Setup GA4 on Shopify with Shopify GA4 Kit

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Why should I use Google Tag Manager to set up Google Analytics 4 on Shopify?
This is because GTM is simply the most accurate method. In addition to this, GTM brings the benefits of using GTM containers, data layers, and triggers for other tags, such as Google Ads Conversion Tracking.
I have already done the setup using Analyzify’s GA4 Wizard. What should I do now?
We have a to guide you. Compared with the old version, the 2022 edition setup includes GA4’s e-commerce reports (including the product-level data), so you should remove the old setup and use this one instead.
Does Shopify support GA4? How can I set up GA4 on Shopify?
For now, Shopify doesn’t have a native integration with Google Analytics 4 yet. If you wish to set up GA4 on your store, you can use the Shopify GA4 Kit or purchase an app like Analyzify 😉!
What is the Shopify GA4 Kit?
It is a free & open-source toolset the Analyzify team has created for the Shopify ecosystem. It includes everything you need for a proper setup, including the Shopify data layers, a pre-built GTM container, and detailed tutorials to guide you every step of the way!
What will happen to my Universal Analytics set up on Shopify after setting up GA4?
Your existing UA setup won’t be affected by this setup, so don’t worry 🤓. You should keep it as it is, and you can keep using it until July 2023 when it will be shut down by Google.
I am an Analyzify client. What should I do?
Nothing at all 🥳! Analyzify already includes the complete setup and you don’t need anything else. Just make sure your Analyzify setup is completed, verified, and up & running.
I have other tags active on my GTM. How can I use the Shopify GA4 Kit?
We highly advise that you watch our as we elaborate further on this issue. But in short, you will only need to stop your existing GA4 tags.
Why is Google Analytics better than Shopify Analytics?
Because Shopify provides you only with a simple report interface covering the most basic data, its native reports will not be enough for you to run and optimize professional marketing campaigns.

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