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Why a Knowledge Base Matters


“You train a bunch of people, and they leave. It's like pouring water in a bucket with a hole in it... the business itself doesn’t retain the knowledge”
“You build a business that is able to retain knowledge independent of the people that work within it. That isn’t a bad thing, it doesn’t strip people of their value or utility. It makes their job easier and more enjoyable because they can access that knowledge but when they leave, half your business doesn’t walk out”
Quotes by James Hoffman, Co-Founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters

🐰 Benefits of a Knowledge Base

Reduces duplication of work
Reduces stress
Clearly communicates values and vision
Reduces risk of error and unnecessary meetings
Promotes best practice
Ensures smooth onboarding
Increases Team Alignment
The business becomes self-sufficient rather than reliant on specific people

🦊 Important Characteristics of a Knowledge Base

Super Fast and accessible
Killer Search Engine
Easy Authoring
Dedicated Authors
A space for feedback on articles
6. Clean User Experience

🐨 Why Does Coda Fits The Bill?

Free Editors and Viewers allow for better pricing
The search function is robust and easy to use > Keywords and partial matches within text and tables
Relational Database
UI/UX is clean and intuitive
Comments and revision history
Mobile, Desktop and offline modes
Coda Packs allow for easy integration and custom formulas to share with team or public
Fast loading time of data

🐻 Examples Coda Knowledge Base Gallery

Some of these aren’t explicitly knowledge bases but serve as an example of what is possible and best practices.
(Excellent Reference)

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