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Welcome to LANDED Onboarding

The below instructions outline how to navigate the LANDED Onboarding Portal. Through the portal you’ll be able to input the necessary information required to set you up with LANDED. We’re excited to get started!

1. Create a password

Click on the onboarding link shared by your Onboarding Specialist and create a password to sign into the Onboarding Portal
NOTE: Onboarding link is a one-time access. The account owner will set up the password and the link expires after the password is set. It can be accessed later by signing into the employer portal here:
Create a password.png

2. Roles

1. Add your role templates first, which you’ll later be able to add to multiple locations. You can input a new role title or use a recommended one.
Make sure you’re adding not only the role you have a current need for, but roles you’ll want LANDED support with in the future as well.
2. Fill out the required fields per role template:
Job description
Need to haves: what qualifications do candidates need to have in order to be scheduled for an interview? Examples include minimum age, years of work experience in a particular industry, availability, certifications, English fluency and more
Headcount: How many people do you have at full staffing capacity for this role?
Roles - 1.png
As you create more role templates, you can utilize the Copy from feature, which auto-populates the above data fields from the selected role
Roles - 2.png

3. Locations

1. Once you’ve added all your roles, you’ll be prompted to add your locations. You’ll be required to fill out the fields below:
Location name
Zip code
New store opening dates, if NSO is selected
Locations Settings.png
2. Once you’ve created all your roles, add your template roles to each location. Each location requires at least one role to proceed. You can edit the total headcount and hiring needs at this stage to be location-specific.
Locations Settings - 1.png

4. Stakeholders

1. Once you’ve created your locations, you’ll be able to add stakeholders and hiring manager details. You want to add everyone who will need to be involved in the interview process.
2. You can assign a hiring manager at a location or role level and also add other stakeholder emails that should be included on calendar invites for visibility
Stakeholders - 1.png

5. Interview Availability

1. Create interview schedules, filling in format settings and slot times as well as any date overrides. Interview avail entered here is a starting point - your team will be able to adjust as needed once you're live.
Note: We suggest a minimum of 3 days and 3 hours per day of open interview scheduling time. Interview no shows are typically due to insufficient interview availability.
Interviews Settings.png
Interviews Settings - 1.png
2. Schedules then need to be assigned to each location. A default schedule is assigned to all roles to ensure roles have at least one schedule.
New schedules can be created by clicking the + Set custom settings and then assigned at the location or role level
Interviews Settings - 2.png

6. Pay and Benefits

Input the pay rates, tips, and benefits information at the role template level or input/edit at the individual per location per role level
Pay and Benefits Settings.png

7. Review and Confirm

Confirm the role template info and the individual location and role info before hitting confirm and submit
Note: Once you submit, you will no longer be able to edit. Your information is automatically saved as you fill out information so if you need to step away and revisit later, you can just close the tab without submitting)
Review and confirm.png
Review and confirm - 1.png
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