Getting Started

Thank you so much for joining the fight to end slavery! Your Race to Rescue is needed now more than ever.

We’re so grateful that you’re running, walking, moving and racing to raise funds to rescue children, women and men around the world. There are 50+ million people in slavery globally. That’s more than ever before in human history.

When you fundraise, your gifts change lives

lake volta.jpg

Aftercare kit for a child rescued off Lake Volta

$65 USD/ $83 CAD
To make the transition to freedom easier, this kit includes: new clothes, food, toiletries, and toys.

Handwashing station

$117 USD/ $149 CAD
Handwashing stations meet critical hygiene needs and are distributed to help partners and government authorities conduct essential services during the pandemic.

Welcome home support

$650 USD/ $827 CAD
You can help cover the costs of a survivor's needs to return to their country of origin and get safely reintegrated back into their community. Costs include: plane ticket, care package, counseling costs, and logistical costs for return to the community.

Help a widow start a small business

$1,130 USD/$1,439 CAD
When you help a widow start her own business, you help her gain economic freedom and stability. Businesses range from livestock to secondhand clothes shops to agriculture
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Rent a boat for a rescue operation

$3,475 USD/ $4,184 CAD
To rescue as many children as possible off of Lake Volta, policemen need spacious boats with good safety and communication equipment. Rent these boats for rescue teams and ensure our rescue operations run smoothly so children are freed!

Fund a sex trafficking rescue operation

$9,100 USD/ $11,589 CAD
By funding the cost of one rescue operation, you’ll free victims of sex trafficking from the initial investigation through long-term aftercare.

About IJM

International Justice Mission is a global organization that protects people in poverty from violence. We partner with local authorities in 24 program offices in 17 countries to combat trafficking and slavery, violence against women and children, and police abuse of power.

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