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Hi guys,
We are looking for a [job title] for a pc game that will exist on the blockchain. We have a passionate team of 15+ people all working towards making a game that is beautiful and gives back to the player.
While we do not have funding, we are working towards a pre-sale in Q2 2022 where our projections are to make at least $200k in the first presale as the Blockchain Gaming community is extremely lucrative right now, even terrible games make this much pretty easily and we in our team a set of business and economic experts to compliment our creative team. Our aim is to change the climate or blockchain games by making something that is fun and beautiful, and focused on good game design.
You would be earning equity in our profit share, and after we make money, can begin paying salaries under a company and you'll be offered a long term job.
Details on this, our team members, and the game itself will be shared if you are interested, so please dm me if you are and I'll send details over. We are trying not to share our IP publicly hence why we ask you to dm us.
The lack of funding has actually helped us find people who truly love what we do. We work remotely and in a very chilled environment that aims to put our team-members mental health and wellbeing first rather than crunching. We especially love introverts and people who are passionate to work towards making a beautiful game.
Requirements for the role:
[insert requirements here]

Requirements for each role

Art team

The roles we are in need of are:
- Environment Artist
- Character Artist
- Animator
- Tech Artist
- VFX artist
- Art Director
- Graphic Designer (with a focus on Logo and UI Design)

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