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Check ins

Our check ins table is where you can you log your availability. This is just to get an idea what everyone else is busy with, and whether they’re available or unavailable and for how long.
If you’re not sure on how long you’re gonna be available/unavailable for, the date doesn’t have to be exact.
And if you are available indefinitely, you can just leave the date part blank by pressing delete.
Under duration, you don’t have to click anything because it just automatically sums up the number of days between the date start and the date end. (You can leave the date end blank which will mean you’re availability/unavailability is indefinite)
In the description column, you can write down the reason why you’re gonna be busy but you can also just leave it blank. The rest of the stuff on there are pretty self explanatory.
Currently working on allows you to select cards you’re currently working on according to the department field. You can select department, then it will show the list of cards under that department that you can select.


Our cards are in the form of a Kanban using swimlanes.
Each swimlane is its own goal we are working towards. You can expand/contract the swimlanes, and see the cards relevant to that goal.
Usually, we will order the cards in accordance to the order they should be done, but of course sometimes things won’t always be so linear.

Making a Card

To make a card, you just click the ‘+ New Card’ button in the swimlane your task belongs to:
and just fill out the fields:
You may also duplicate an existing card and change things in it to save time.
The blocking field is used if a task cannot be done until another task is complete. You can select the other card from the "blocking" list.
The progress field is filled in by clicking on the checks
Please make sure it is never blank. We are trying to find a solution to do that automatically but struggling.
The rest of the fields should be self explanatory.
If you need help or want to ask
@Alyana Mae
to finish logging something for you, you can click on a card, click “show hidden columns”
and you will then see a button that will notify Aly if you need her:
You may also of course tag anyone you want by using @
You can also ask Aly to make cards for you if it's easier for you. Simply message or tag her on Discord.

The Table Reference of Cards

You don’t have to worry about the Table Reference of Cards as it’s a mirror of the card view, but in table form. You can also make your card there if you want, it would automatically show up in the other table anyway.


We have filters so you won’t have a hard time scrolling and looking for a certain card.
You just select the thing which your card may fall into, and your card will appear. You don’t have to fill out every field.
Let’s say you’re looking for all of your tasks, just select your name from the people column and it’ll show all of the cards that is assigned to you.
If you want to remove the filtering on a certain field, simply select Blank
The filter works for both the Cards and the Table Reference of Cards.
We have worked hard to ensure that filters will work per user, meaning that if you filter something, other’s will still see their own version of the table.

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