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Alt: 30 Day Revision Plans

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Alt Academy: 30 Day Revision Plans

This revision plan can boost your exam preparation in just 30 days! Follow along every day to see what you need to revise until you've covered the entire course. To save your progress, you can make a copy of this doc & check off the complete button as you go!
This plan gives you the exact structure to follow to make sure you cover the syllabus revision in 30 days. You can mark off each subtopic as you complete it & check back in every day to see what else needs to be covered. The first video of each subtopic is linked in the plan as well - but make sure you watch all of them!
For ease of use, we’ve included links to some exclusive content which will take you back to our main platform. To access these links, you’ll have to sign up to Alt Academy. But we promise you, our revision guides and past paper solutions are also super valuable and helpful (which you will be able to find within each plan for free!)
You can also use this Study template to manage all your subjects in one place. Here’s the

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